Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man: Family Ties #575-576 (Joe Kelly/Chris Bachalo)

hmm, not bad so far. I have to admit, I hated BND/OMD, but the stories in ASM have improved since they put out the first extra. (Except the Secret Invasion tie in...Brian Reed, what did you do?!?)
This two-parter was good, though it got stale quick with the whole Hammerhead saying, "I owe Mr. Negative my life." lines over and over.

Bachalo was good on this, except there was a few times where things didn't look so good.

Although in the first part, it was utterly hilarious having Spider-Man carrying around that homeless woman who kept breathing in his face and he couldn't take the smell. I kept laughing out loud at that. And then she ended up kissing him on the mask which made Spider-Man throw up in his mask. Haha. :lol:

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