1. U

    Clip of Spider-Man teaming up with Spider-Woman in her old show. Classic Stuff!

  2. T

    Marvel Cinematic Multiverse Film & TV Show Discussion

    @Dallas Kinard and other users have expressed on the MCU timeline thread that the thread should keep timeline related, so, i made this other thread to discuss MCM (Marvel Cinematic Multiverse), so, i don't have nothing else to say, so if someone wants to start a discussion or share his opinion...
  3. M

    Ultimate Spider-Man #119 Fine Art Giclee #119

    Hello one and all. I know this the comic book forum but I wasn't sure where else to post this for sale. I have this truly Beautiful Medium to Large size GICLEE on Canvas with the Certificate of Authenticity from Marvel Comics. This item is exquisite and in mint condition and has been in the...
  4. C

    Favourite Venom adaptation

    What is your favorite adaptation of Venom? Why?
  5. S

    Venom 17 Absolute Carnage Arc

    Issue 17 of Venom starts of with Spider-Man, Venom, his son, etc all at Ravencroft, fighting carnage zombies. But I cant figure out how. Do they explain it later in the issue? I stopped reading for fear i skipped something. All the tie-ins Ive read: Absolute Carnage #1 Absolute Carnage...
  6. Ice

    Spider-Man Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy [Spoilers and Discussion]

    This is what "Dead No More" is actually titled. Spider-Man: Dead No More True Title Revealed: "The Clone Conspiracy" "The Clone Conspiracy" kicks off in October and will be a standalone five-issue miniseries from writer Dan Slott and artist Jim Cheung. "Amazing Spider-Man" #16-18 will lead up...
  7. Ice

    Spider-Man: Homecoming (News and Rumor Discussion)

    Did we not have a thread already for this? Either way, a few news topics regarding casting: Donald Glover and Martin Starr reportedly get added to the cast while Logan Marshall-Green is being eyed for an additional villain role (rumored Tinkerer maybe?).
  8. Ice

    Spider-Man (PS4)

    Spider-Man's getting a brand new game for the PS4 by Insomniac! https://youtu.be/sLm1A2-Fr7s
  9. Captain Canuck

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man Volume 4 [SPOILERS]

    So, here we go with Amazing Spider-Man Volume 4. We'll see how long it lasts before it gets relaunched or brought back into the volume 1 numbering. Issue 1 was pretty good. The joke that Spider-Man made to Leo about Kraven's nipples made me laugh out loud. It's a bit weird to see Peter...
  10. Ice

    Spider-Man Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Ongoing (Bendis/Pichelli)

    As it was mentioned elsewhere, Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli will be the creative team on the Miles Morales "Spider-Man" titled ongoing series. Now there's more info being released and Bendis says the first year of the title will serve as the sequel to the Spider-Men mini-series...
  11. E

    They're finally making that Aunt May espionage spinoff movie we've been waiting for

    Speculation is that they are looking to make a movie out of Trouble.
  12. Captain Canuck

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Discussion (SPOILERS)

    This movie made me sad. I actually wanted to walk out about 2/3 of the way through. I guess what makes me the most sad is that it could have been and should have been a lot better. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were incredible as Peter and Gwen. Again, their relationship carried the movie...
  13. Ice

    Spider-Man Spider-Man 2099 (Peter David/Will Sliney)

    David, Sliney Launch New "Spider-Man 2099" Ongoing in July "Miguel is now trapped in the present day Marvel Universe, so straight away we have to deal with the fact that in the greatest of Marvel traditions, we have a hero out of time,” Sliney told Newsarama. "I'm looking forward to drawing...
  14. Ice

    Spider-Man Spider-Verse Discussion/Spoilers

    Dan Slott Unveils "Spider-Verse" Featuring "Every Spider-Man Ever" Call began with the first details: Starting in November, Slott and Olivier Coipel are bringing "every Spider-Man from every universe together for the first time." The story starts in "Amazing Spider-Man" #9, and continues in...
  15. Ice

    Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man Year One: Learning to Crawl

    AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Goes Back to YEAR ONE for New Mini-Series May 2014 will see a five-part story called The Amazing Spider-Man Year One: Learning to Crawl that will run side-by-side with the main Amazing Spider-Man series. Released as a five-part mini-series with numbering of Amazing...
  16. Ice

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man (Slott/Ramos)

    Leaked by Comic Book Movie
  17. Ice

    Spider-Man Spider-Man Graphic Novel to introduce Peter Parker's 'sister'.

    SPIDER-MAN Gets a Sister in 2014 Waid-Robinson Graphic Novel Spider-Man is 'apparently' getting a sister. Yes, you read that right. Marvel’s next original graphic novel in May, 2014 will introduce Peter Parker’s 'apparent' sibling in Family Business, co-written by Mark Waid and James...
  18. Ice

    Avengers The return of Mighty Avengers.

    Coming in September. But is it an ongoing or mini? No word yet on who's writing or doing the art. Current confirmed members: Luke Cage (Leader) Spider-Man Adam the Blue Marvel She-Hulk
  19. i_love_spiderman

    Spider-Man Need help explaining spiderman

    Well I went to comic con on Saturday and I picked up a spiderman comic it's #0 the lost years. I have trouble understanding it because they keep on referring to Peter Parker as a clone. It makes no sense and I desperately need someone to explain it to me Sent from my iPod touch using ComicBoard
  20. Ice

    Spider-Man The Superior Spider-Man (Slott/Stegman/Delgado) SPOILERS

    SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN Revealed at Marvel NOW! With New Suit The original "Superior" teaser was the most enigmatic of Marvel's one-word clues to the future of their Marvel NOW! relaunch. Last week, the word added a few more: Slott, Stegman, Ramos. All three, the writer and two artists...