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Oct 24, 2004
New York, NY
I'm looking to complete my Alan Moore collection... And I'm just curious as to what order I'm supposed to read these in...

What I've read:

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol. 1 & 2
Promethea vol. 1-4 (waiting for #5 to come out in paperback before I buy it)

So here's what I think i'm gonna do, and I just want to know if I'm missing anything or if I should avoid any of these...

Top Ten: Book One
Top Ten: Book Two
Top Ten: Forty-Niners
Tom Strong: Book One
Tom Strong: Book Two
Tom Strong: Book Three
Tom Strong: Book Four
Terra Obscura
Tomorrow Stories: Book One
Tomorrow Stories: Book Two

(i'm not getting these all at once, obviously, which is why I want to be sure I'm getting these in the right order)
Looks fine to me.

I mean, obviously Tom Strong Book 1 comes before book 4. Top 10 had the books out, then SMAX, then the 49ers (which a prequel). They're all brilliant.

Dr. Strangefate said:
Promethea vol. 1-4 (waiting for #5 to come out in paperback before I buy it)

Me too. :cry:
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I keep wanting to cry when I see another plastic wrapped #5 stuck on a shelf... I mean... I want to read it so bad!
I love League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

So I've read The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and I'm going to read Promethea.

Should I read Tom Strong or Top Ten next?
Top Ten #8 was listed as the single best comic book issue in the last 20 years or so...

I havent picked up the second volume of Top Ten yet... but i have read the first, and Top Ten: The Forty-Niners, and its pretty damn good.

I haven't read any Tom Strong, but it takes place in the same Universe as Top Ten.
I thought they Promethea, Top Ten and Tom Strong all took place in the same universe? They're mentioned in each other's solicits.
Promethea isnt mentioned in either the Tom Strong or Top Ten books as far as i know...

They might take place in the same universe, but there isnt interaction.
There isn't interaction, but Top 10, Tom Strong, the cast of Tomorrow Stories and Promethea are all included in the final issue of Tom Strong that came out a week or two ago, which ends the ABC universe.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is not part of the ABC universe.

Top 10 is ****ing wicked, as is the Smax spin-off and The Forty-Niners prequel. It's a damn shame Top 10 didn't get a second "season", as the ideas Moore had for it were very cool.

Tom Strong is a great adventure romp that I think is basically, "Supreme done right". It's exactly the same vein as Supreme, in that you have an icon of a hero, and each issue deals not only with the present, but with the past (or the future) drawn by a new artist for this issue, and the two intermingle, whilst genre-trotting across pulp fiction of the last 100 years - all while being unbelievably entertaining. Even the non-Moore issues are highly enjoyable.

Tomorrow Stories is something I'll pick up at some point.

I'm upset Alan Moore didn't continue his universe because... well, they were really, really good. Promethea, I think, burned him out.

But the last issue of Tom Strong... well, I came *this* close to crying and it dominated my thoughts for a solid half hour afterwards, which is a wonderful achievement for a single 22-page comic.
I have slowly downloaded all of ABC, and am downloading the rest now.

I hope to enjoy it.
I have slowly downloaded all of ABC, and am downloading the rest now.

I hope to enjoy it.
ABC is like the smarter brother to Moore's Supreme. It's actually clever, and not just a bunch of nostalgic masturbation with smatterings of post-modern intelligence --- enjoyable, but mostly moronic --- and is obviously a direct result of the experimentation of the latter.
I finished Top Ten today. It was absolutely amazing. I loved all the little hints and references in the backgrounds. Alan Moore knows his stuff.

Now onto Smax and The 49ers...
I love this line of comics.

I'm just trying to complete the run of Tom Strong's Terrific Tales. Jonni Future's fun in it.
Where about's does terra obscura come in relation to tom strong. I know it first appears in ish 11 but do I read it straight away or just before book 4, or after the whole series?
Terra Obscura, the planet, appears in Tom Strong 11 and 12 for a two-part adventure. The two 6-issue mini-series both take place after the events of the Tom Strong two-parter, however, they are completely independent, and it doesn't matter at all where into Tom Strong you are.

Basically, read #11 and #12 before you start Terra Obscura vol 1, and then just read the Terra Obscuras. The only crossover element, the only part where the two worlds intersect is in Tom Strong #11 and #12.
I have about two issues left to read of the first volume of Top Ten (I'm finding it to be a very slow read, for some reason) and I really like it. A good police procedural with lovable characters. I like Smax and Kemlo. And I'm convinced that Glushko the Spaceman is carrying on some kind of sexual relationship with that chimp. (I expect this to be an upcoming subplot.)

I want to do Top Ten dreamcasting so bad now. I have the perfect choice for Smax...
Patrick Warburton.

And if we do do Top Ten dreamcasting, no one better steal that from me or I'll go to their house and steal their soul.

Technically, I think that Top Ten would function best as a half-hour animated show, but Warburton would be perfect for that as well. I just can't help but imagine Brock Sampson's voice coming out of Smax's mouth.
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