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  1. pinkbubblesgoape

    What reading order do you suggest for Watchmen?

    Original comic universe
  2. Ice

    Electricomics from Alan Moore

    Alan Moore Launches Electricomics Digital Comics App Already known for revolutionising the comic book industry in the 1980s, Moore is pushing boundaries again with Electricomics - an app that is both a comic book and an easy-to-use open source toolkit. Being open source and free, the app...
  3. E

    Alan Moore vs Hollywood - who is right?

    Tonight, on a whim, I decided to watch V for Vendetta. I love the comic but I really love the movie, as much of an anathema as that may be to comic purists. It's one of my favorites. We've discussed the "ethics" (for lack of a better term) of "Hollywood"'s (for lack of a better term) movie...
  4. Grocer Man

    And thus began Alan Moore's adventures as a Japanese schoolgirl. I think that the fan-book also has a lady Neil Gaiman as well. If a version of Grant Morrison shows up, I vote we find a bunker.
  5. E

    Before Watchmen - discussion, speculation, rumours, and spoilers

    I don't know how much stock can be put in this, but it's astounding to think someone would commit artistic suicide and be part of this:
  6. Ice

    Alan Moore's "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century: 1910".

    Alan Moore’s Bestiary of Fictional Worlds In this first part of an incredibly in-depth and unique interview with Alan Moore, the "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" writer talks to CBR about the new volume, "Century," and the relationship between fiction and reality. SPOILER WARNING: The...
  7. Friday

    Saga of the Swamp Thing #21-64 discussion [Alan Moore] [spoilers]

    So has anyone else read Swamp Thing? And I don't just mean Alan Moore's run on the title. We've had good to great runs by Rick Veitch, Mark Millar, Andy Diggle, and one really bad one by Brian K Vaughn. I've been itching to re-read my collection of TPBs and Singles lately, unfortunatly my...
  8. T

    Rob Liefeld on Alan Moore

    Rob Liefeld *****es about Moore. Not sure if this had been posted before, but in any case I thought it was interesting. Generic Link
  9. jeremiahvedder


    I found this book for fifteen bucks, used at a Hastings, and decided to pick it up because Alan Moore is generally entertaining. I'm not sure what I just got myself into, however, because the trade starts collecting books in the mid-thirties of the original series. What should I know, going into...
  10. moonmaster

    DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore

    Got this yesterday. I loved Moore's Superman. "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" was incredible. Despite his apparent distaste for it, I like "The Killing Joke". The rest of the stories in the trade are good, give or take a few (There's a two part Vigilante story that feels like they...
  11. moonmaster

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (spoilers lie henceforth)

    MORE MOORE!!! I got Vol. 1 of this today. I have yet to read it...
  12. Steve GMan

    Captain Britain by Moore & Davis

    I just bought this TPB today and am about halfway through (). Even at that point, it's such a fantastic read. You're thrown in at the end of a storyarc that I guess was finished off by Moore and he uses its events to create such a deeply intricate, incredible, and at points, moving, story...
  13. ProjectX2


    I picked up book 1 from my library and was impressed. It's like Wonder Woman, but cooler. It's written by Alan Moore, and J.H. Williams III, who if I'm not mistaken, does the art for Desolation Jones. I'm interested to read the further books, so does anyone have any information about them?
  14. Bass

    Miracleman series discussion (spoilers)

    Who has read this? It's outstanding. You can't buy the bloody thing. The issues (Alan Moore did #1-16) can't be found, and if you can, they're very expensive. The collected editions are even rarer and more expensive. You gotta download them. But they are so worth it. They are so...
  15. Dr.Strangefate

    America's Best Comics

    I'm looking to complete my Alan Moore collection... And I'm just curious as to what order I'm supposed to read these in... What I've read: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol. 1 & 2 Promethea vol. 1-4 (waiting for #5 to come out in paperback before I buy it) So here's what I think...
  16. ourchair

    Rorschach Psychoanalysis (some Watchmen spoilers)

    As promised, here is the Rorschach Psychoanalysis I co-wrote with a friend at about the same time I wrote the Doom Psychoanalysis. “From Rorschach’s journal. October 12th, 1985. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all...
  17. E

    Watchmen by Alan Moore (NO spoilers)

    Finally picked up Alan Moore's Watchmen. I'm pretty excited to get into it, the way I've seen som of you guys rave about it...
  18. G

    Alan Moore and DC

    Well, most of you might have heard now that Alan is quitting DC, and taking his Leage of Extraordinary Gentlemen away from him. The reason was over the V for Vendetta movie, Alan was quite cross, and DC wouldn't apologise about a certain situation, so Alan said he is quitting. Go Alan. Anyway...
  19. Bass

    V for Vendetta comic (spoilers)

    V for Vendetta is visual literature. Written more than 20 years ago by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Lloyd, V for Vendetta is of human society, its flaws and failures, its accomplishments and future, its secrets and its unconscious horrors, its sibling communities and its truths, its...
  20. compound

    V for Vendetta movie discussion

    A thread dedicated to the upcoming movie -- appropriately slated for release on Guy Fawkes' Day this year -- based on Alan Moore's dystopian graphic novel. The discussion here comes with the usual disclaimer that it may probably involve spoiler info regarding the original comic. Got it...