Annihilators Mini-Series


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Jun 29, 2006
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Just when you thought they were out, they pull themselves back in

DnA aren't done with the cosmic universe just yet apparently with this march launching mini-series with artist Tan Eng Haut


Each book will be a complete double feature with the previously announced Rocket Raccoon and Groot Mini-Series with Timothy Green taking the other side of the bill (Two full comics in one book)

Annihilators is kinda a lame name, but it's so much better than "The Space Avengers" or "The Cosmic Avengers". They'll also apparently be fighting the Dire Wraith's.

I'm pumped for this, more DnA cosmic goodness is always fine by me.
The DnA cosmic books are by far the best Marvel have published over the last 5 years or so, and I hope they'll continue in some form for a long time.
Annihilation was good and Annihilation: Conquest was almost as good, but the rest of the cosmic event books have just been...meh. Thanos Imperative was a total bore.

I'll check this out but I hate the title. I have to assume it is to tie it in to Annihilation, which is dumb since that was about a villain named Annihilus, while this is a group of heroes.
In the latest issue of FF, Annihilus talked about a second annihilation wave.
In the latest issue of FF, Annihilus talked about a second annihilation wave.

I wonder. Given the cancellation of GotG and Nova, and DnA moving to a street level book, might Marvel be clearing the table for Hickman to write some cosmic stuff?
I thought they've been lagging a little since the end of War of Kings, but they're still pretty strong.

I didn't think any of them were outright bad. Just...meh.

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