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Not so much a game as a fun thing to do... So I figured here was a better place to stick it than the Games forum.

Go to google, type "(your FIRST name) was arrested for" and see what you got sent to the slammer for. Remember to use the quotation marks! Stick your result below...

Should you not want to post your real name, search for your real name, but then post as your name from here.

- James was arrested for espionage and other activities harmful to the chinese state.


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John was arrested for “maintaining a common nuisance” based upon the discovery of twenty pounds of marijuana in his apartment

it works better if u type it in google like this:

cos a ton of "john madden was arrested for"`s came up


Hah. You petty criminals you!

Joe was arrested for having sex with a fourteen year old student at the junior high school where he taught.

Wow. 14? How many times did that girl stay back?

EDIT: My friend's is funnier:
Paul was arrested for believing in God and never stopped singing and praying and worshiping him.
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"Houde was arrested for accidentally killing a homeless man with a bag of canned cat food."


something I would do in real life

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"J :)wink:... ) was arrested for aggrivated assault, disturbing the peace, public drunkeness, and possible connection to a 1999 murder..."


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"[ultimatedjf] was arrested for allegedly going through a stop sign. [ultimatedjf] said he was then taken to a police station and beaten because officers suspected him of stealing a jet ski from the stepson of one of the officers."



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Matthew was arrested for ignoring a police officer’s instructions to explain what he was doing, when he was standing motionless outside a pub.

And according to the article I'm autistic.:|


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Craig was arrested for public intoxication and for having an open container violation and was transported to the county jail.


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Parker was arrested for punching a traffic cop in the face when the officer had the audacity to give the elected official a $55 ticket.


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Victor Von Doom said:
"J :)wink:... )


Luis was arrested for bigamy on 5 January 1559 at his home in Valladolid, to be tried by a criminal court in Madrid.


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Random was arrested for walking down the street with his girlfriend naked


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"In 1931, Sean was arrested for digging a hole to Hell, which released numerous evil demons into public."


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Baxter was arrested for operating while under the influence of an intoxicant, sixth offense.


Edward was arrested and killed for the mass killings of several Jews, homosexuals, and the handicapped as part of a NeoNazi Extremist group :shock:

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