Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes (Discussion/Spoilers).


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Newsarama previews the first issue of the two part mini by Warren Ellis, Adi Granov & Alan Davis.

Issue goes on sale on 10/15/08.

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I don't understand why we are getting this and why it can't be part of AXM proper.

My guess is that Simone is possibly behind schedule, so while he still works on the current arc, we're getting this as filler.


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I don't really know what happened but Granov's steampunk X-Men were neat.


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So this was just "what happened if the Ghost Box was turned on and worked" story. In other words, it's basically a "What-If?" issue.

I didn't really care much for it, except that the steampunk X-Men story was great and Granov's art rocked on this.

As for it being $3.99 for a 32 page book -- it was because there are no ads in it. Surprised by that...

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