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In the first issue, his last name was hinted to be Harlan, and in issue #15, his mother called him Clifford, while in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up around the same time, in a story also written by Brian Michael Bendis, a teacher calls him Kenny. As a result of this information, in the "Official Handbook of the Ultimate Marvel Universe", he was referred to as "Kong Harlan, aka Clifford Kenneth Harlan." However in issue Ultimate Spider-Man #82, his name was finally revealed to be Kenny McFarlane. He now refers to himself as Kenny McFarlane, and in an interview with Bendis, it is confirmed that this is his real name.

Yes, Ultimate Spider-Man is full of name changes. Flash Thompson, real name Eugene Thompson in 616, is "Fred" Thompson in the Ultimate universe. And Richard Parker is called "Ray" in the Ultimate universe.
I don't mind name changes, since it IS a different continuity and there's no real reason to stick to the old names, but I just wish it wasn't so obvious that Bendis is both not thinking about the names, or being completely forgetful about them. Hell, Bendis couldn't even keep the name of the TV reporters straight in the first arc of Powers.

Like Victor Van Damme is alright, but how exactly does he excuse running around calling himself "Doctor Doom" with a straight face? If he was Victor Von Doom calling himself Doctor Doom, it would be okay. If he was Victor Van Damme proclaiming 'doom' upon the world it would be okay. But a guy named Van Damme... calling himself "Doctor Doom"? That's nonsense.

Also, Bendis apparently believes that all nicknames are derived from the first letter of people's names. Kenneth = Kong, therefore Flash must equal Fred, and Richard equals Ray.

Did Bendis even consider that Kong = size --- yes, he and Jemas created the character, but bear with me here --- and Flash = fast on the field? Did he even consider the notion that people get their nicknames for things they become well known for, reasonably moreso for people who come from the jock culture that Flash and Kong do?

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