Ball Toucher

101 balls, and then my fingers began to itch.
That's it.

You guys suck.

I don't even know how many balls I've touched.


Wait you're talking about that game...

rats. i only touched 76 balls. can one of you expert ball touchers out there tell me how a guy like me can touch more balls?
some dude approached me last week and asked if i wanted a golden ball. i must've misunderstood him.
I touched 251 balls... is that really something I sould be poud of?..
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I foresee this thread in the museum. Already.
Well, I managed to touch 145 balls.

You guys are clearly new to the concept of touching balls. I've actually been touching them for awhile now. It's something of a hobby of mine.

My record is touching 204 balls in one sitting.
I foresee this thread in the museum. Already.

This oughta solidify that.....


There. Yep. That'll do nicely. :lol:

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