Batman (1966)/Wonder Woman (1975) - Timeline (outdated)

You consider Earth 89 and Earth 789 to be separate earths though and they have the same material in their backstories
That's a different case. In theory Earth-89 shouldn't share the earth with Reeve's Superman, but Tarra-789 does. With no one openly saying that they are or are not the same earth, everyone thinks differently
Earth-789 is complicated and honestly it's fine to think any number of ways about those realities. If you discount The Flash as elements of Earth-89 being fused with Earth-1 (like the comics with Gifter in Flashpoint) while the real Earth-89 is only shown through the Reeve/Slater cameo. Schumacher films would have to be a related timeline, like Earth-96. Of course, official words all get murky around Crisis on Infinite Earths onwards. Similar to Powerless being set on Earth-P, we technically can use joke numbers to place the Schumacher films in Earth-97 for lack of a more canon number. Also, I wonder if Birds of Prey should be considered a related timeline, considering the shared designs. Screw it, here would be all the Anthology-related universes.

Earth-1/Flashpoint [DC Extended Universe]
The Flash (2023)

Earth-89 [Donnerverse/Burtonverse]
Superman (1978-1987)
Supergirl (1984)
Batman (1989-1992)
Catwoman (2004)
The Flash (2023) [cameo]

Earth-96 [Singerverse]
Superman Returns (2006)

Earth-97 [Schumacherverse] (unofficial number)
Batman (1995-1997)

Earth-203 [Birds of Prey Universe]
Birds of Prey (2002-2003)

Earth-?? [OnStar Universe]
Batman: OnStar (2000-2002)

Earth-?? [Donnerverse #2]
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (2006)
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