Bendis actually checked up with Millar?


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Jun 1, 2004
contains spoiler from ultimate x-men 45+
!you've been warned!

just a thought:
back in ultimate x-men 32/33, millar set the foundation for future developments in Ultimates. Psylocks return, the formation of a european super-team, and last but not least: hints at a future involvment of BEast in the Ultimates.
We all know Beast has been on the avengers for a while, until he got transferred back to the x-men (to the disfavour of the character, i have heard), but still: do you think there was more to this? di you think Millar actually had plans to get Beast on the ultimate's rooster.
And even worse: as we all know, the first issues of ultimates are ready to publiich for a few months now. do you think anyone told millar and hitch in time, that beast is dead now? Will we get more continuity mess, when beast turns up on the ultimates a few months after (before?) he dies in ultimate x-men? Any ideas?
There are definitely continuity problems, and some might argue how major they are, but I HIGHLY doubt Marvel or Millar would screw up so bad as to have a dead character on a team. Beast is dead and buried - with the exception of Psylocke (a bad move IMO) people don't come back from that kind of stuff in the Ultimate U.

I'd be shocked and a little disheartened if we ever saw Ultimate Hank again.
still, don't forget hitch probably had drawn 3-4 issues of Ultimates already, when Bendis killed off Beast... Could become a real blow-up.
Yeah but writers read each other's scripts all the time, and I'd bet that even if Millar didn't read the actual script for UXM #45 he knew what was going to happen. If not and Beast makes an appearance they need to fire the Ultimate editor :shock:
Beast was a great X-man while with the team, but four years into the title, maybe there really isn't much else to be said with the character. He probably joined the Avengers in the 616 because they didn't know what to do with the character. His status may even be in limbo now in the 616. Defenders or Euro-Ultimates wouldn't necessarilly need Beast on their teams.
I don't think we have anything to worry about as Bendis writes his scripts months in advance. I'm betting he had Hank dead and buried before we got Ultimates #13.
Well, in German we have a saying, "dead-said live longer".
Just because a writer doesn't know what else to do with a given character doesn't mean that character is out and finished. Other writers might still have lots of possibilites, of what to do with the character.
Look at (616) Emma Frost. She had been a villain, and everything worth writing on her was suppossedly written. Then, Morrison made her an X-Men, developed her character and made her enough of a success, that she got her own solo-title by now (the longest-living since wolverine, as I might add).
Ultimate Beast could have been explored further as well, be it as an X-Men, be it as an Ultimate.
It won't happen now. That's okay with me. Occationally a character dies. There might have been millions of possibilities left for him, but he won't be able to explore them any further, just like a real person dying by accident. So, all together, I'm okay with beast's death, but I don't want to see it spoiled by any silly resurrections. The dead stay dead.

PS: 616-Beast is up and well, searching for a cure for mutations (and his own state) in Astonishing X-Men
PS: 616-Beast is up and well, searching for a cure for mutations (and his own state) in Astonishing X-Men

Yes, that's a great twist at the end of the issue. Can't wait for #3. Great book.
I respect your argument Ricky, and I guess I should backtrack a little here: You're right that there's tons more to be said with the Beast, but the statement he made with his death in UXM could be the most powerful message from him even before his death. It brings the characters down to earth by letting them know they're not invincible, and death could be waiting around a corner for all they know.
It brings the characters down to earth by letting them know they're not invincible, and death could be waiting around a corner for all they know.

Right on. Reminds me of when Rogue told Iceman, No, seventeen is too young to die. BIG statement.
Yeah, it means something especially since Beast had so many near-death experiences before he was offed that it was silly to even think he was dead. When I saw him lying there, I didn't think they would actually kill him. I was absolutely blown away when I saw that tomb and casket...
Eh, I figured they were gonna kill Beast. I had already heard that someone was gonna be offed by the time New Mutants ended. After issue 44 it seemed only logical that it was gonna be the guy smashed under all the rubble.
I, for some reason, thought that it was going to be Angel... That didn't happen, thankfully, but I was a littel distraught that they killed Beast. He really hadn't lived up to his 616 counterpart. Then again, no one but Cap'n really has.

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