Bendis explains Gwen Stacy's death; 2 new Ultimizations coming


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Jul 24, 2004
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[IMGL][/IMGL] In an interview with, Brian Michael Bendis explains the death of Gwen Stacey, as well as who will be returning, and who he will be ultimizing soon.

cX: Why did you specifically kill Gwen Stacy in Ultimate Spider-Man? Is she destined to die in any universe?

Bendis: We were very flattered by the anger that came after Gwen died. Gwen was so different from her original incarnation in Amazing Spider-Man, that she was almost a new character. She was nothing like the way she was in Amazing Spider-Man. So when people were angry that we killed her, it was kind of flattering, because me and Bagley had invented her, and for people to be attached to her was nice, but the story was always about Peter. It's Peter Parker's book, and Gwen's death affects Peter's life, as we've already seen the downward spiral that happens. And when you say well why didn't you kill Mary Jane instead, or why didn't you kill Aunt May, the point of Ultimate isn't to spin anew the old stories, Spider-Man isn't broken. We're not trying to fix Spider-Man. It's to present the material a la when they put on a Shakespeare play, and they take Hamlet and they put it in a new setting, they're not fixing Hamlet, they're just presenting Hamlet. Does that make sense? So to rewrite Hamlet would be arrogant, there's nothing wrong with it. There's nothing wrong with the Spider-Man stories. In Ultimate, we do make changes. When Gwen Stacy died the first time, it had a profound effect and our job was to create a situation where it would again have a profound effect, and that was the challenge, more than to make a twist. We could even argue that if you needed a twist, maybe the twist was that we killed her again.

cX: Will Spider-Man confront Dr. Connors about his role in creating Ultimate Carnage?

Bendis: Doc Connors will be reappearing, so that's a yes. (Laughs)

cX: How was it writing Ultimate Moon Knight, and what characters do you plan to Ultimatize in the near future?

Bendis: It was a lot of fun, and it was a lot of fun for Bagley as well. He really enjoyed that, more than I thought he was going to. I hope people like it, we really loved doing that storyline. Now that Moon Knight is done, Deadpool is next on the list, sometime this year, and Silver Sable.

cX: Do you have plans for any more original Ultimate Spider-Man villains?

Bendis: Yes, definitely, and in New Avengers we'll have new villains as well.

cX: Will Ultimate Spider-Man continue after your run on the book?

Bendis: I'm sure it will. As long as the book is doing well Marvel will continue to publish it, that's just how it goes. We're not done yet though, we're not even near done. Bagley and I are close to having the longest run in the history of Marvel Comics unbroken by the same creative team. 103 is the record on Fantastic Four by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Will we break it? I hope so.
He is doing Ultimate Deadpool.... that is so lame.
I disagree, Ultimate Deadpool looks very interesting, hell regular Deadpool was interesting himself, so we'll just have to see how the ultimate version handles up to it.
Well, it's good to hear from Bendis on a lot of the questions that have been killing us. We confirmed that we're getting an Ultimate Deadpool (Which, as you know, I'm not really in favor of) and Silver Sable (Which is in the same boat as Deadpool at this point) and we'll be seeing Doc Conners again, which is a great thing... I really like his characters.

Now, the only thing that was really left open was Venom, wasn't it?
I just read up on Silver Sable. Are there any SS fans here? Because I don't see how or why we should be anxiously awaiting this character. Another female mercenary? Why not just give us Elektra again... Anyone think she might be the new girlfriend?
TheManWithoutFear said:
I just read up on Silver Sable. Are there any SS fans here?

Not me. Lame-o!

Which is not to say I don't think Bendis can do something with her.
The question is. DO we really need an Ultimate Deadpool?
well im not that up to date on my 616 info, but im pretty sure he had something to with weapon x and wolverine not Peter parker
Haven't read a Sable story in yonks.......god I think the last one was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back,when Ben had just become Spidey.Whats with all the hatin'?

I'm actually a Silver Sable fan. I remember her from back around Die Spinne 180 (don't know the us. number, but it was like 50 issues before the clone saga), when she worked for some foreign government and hired Spidey for 1000 Dollars a day to come to her country and help stop some assassins or anything similar.
I don't remember her akin to Elektra at all, but rather like some profesional that directed security, whereas Elektra seems more focused on the actual fighing.

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing her again, as well as the Deadpool appearance. Who cares if he had conections to Weapon X and Wolvering in 616, he'll probably be just another street level vigilante that makes Peter's life even more complicated.

Just a thought, though: Don't you think we'll probably get the two right inside the Warrior arc. All hell is suppossed to break loose, after all, and a gang war seems to be just the right place for the two of them, don't you agree?
TheManWithoutFear said:
Not only am I losing interest in the Deadpool Ultimization but I totally think Bendis can give the fans something other than Silver Sable...

More importantly are we still getting Blade/Morbius, Mysterio, Scorpion?
Mysterio? Has he been confirmed? I know the others have.
With regards to Deadpool, he could be good or bad depending on the approach taken. While I haven't read any Deadpool, when I used to get bored last year I'd read summaries of comics online, and Deadpool sounded decent when he was written as a comedic character, and bombed when it became serious. The trouble is that from the impression I've gotten is that Deadpool's comedy tends to be of the type that involves large body counts, aka black comedy and fairly silly black comedyat that... not really USM's style. That's my only concern with the character.
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When asked about Bendis' take on Mysterio and the costume, he promised that it would be updated... I remember him saying that he needed to look a little bit more threatening; no one would be scared of a person with a fishbowl on their head, right? Bendis isn't stupid, we'll get something even better than that fishbowl! ;)

Also, with Deadpool and his humor... It could work, however, I doubt that Peter would see his just how funny he is, which could be an interesting take on the friendship (If that's what it's going to be) but I'm still strongly against having him show up.

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