Best Ultimate Couple

Ultimate Couples

  • Scott and Jean

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  • Janet and Cap

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  • Aunt May and Uncle Ben{Before his death}

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Where do you get this stuff? It's like your *** just pops out threads.

Pietro and Wanda..

Ultimate Grossness
I would have put Pietro and Wanda because they are so close and its kinky, but its not up there so I pick Peter and MJ.
So far from what i've read up to (going to get deadpool tpb soon) i really like the kitty/spider-man relationship. It seems diffrent to what i'm use to and at first on here hearing it I thought "but why? he should be with M.J" but this works alot better and i give props to the guy who came up with it.
I said Peter and MJ they just seemed to work out much better and seemed much more realistic
That's Post of the Day.

BOO-to tha-YA!!!!! :lol:

When I read that my first thought was, "I have to vote for that. Why can't I find that?"

Because this poll failed to include the other option. But yeah---a mod should edit this poll to include a "Betty/Fury" option and/or Other.

Shang-Chi and Iron Fist.

Ultimate Danny Rand has done some hard time....I'm sure he'd swing that way every now and then.
Anyway! I can't believe I didn't think of this before! Logan/Colossus! ^^ It's the best Ultimate couple that can ever be.
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