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Feb 28, 2005
Metro Manila, Philippines

I read this in single issues, when it first came out as a mini-series. Not particularly impressed, but somebody with different tastes might be. I still see the digest-size reprint languishing on bookstore shelves around the city.

Basically, it's like Scarface + The Sopranos + vampires - bull**** mythology, with a few graphic smatterings of (allegedly) kinky sex, complete with gratuitous cover art by Frank Quietly. (It was a Vertigo mini, originally.)

(For some reason, I believe it will appeal to MwoF, actually.)

I mention this primarily because the art is by indie artist David Hahn, whose Private Beach strongly influenced my own drawing style. There's no major shift in approach; same clean linework, with very animated expressions.

Writer is Howard Chaykin, whose work is *extremely* hit or miss, for me. Ironically, I like his supposed "hack work", like the light-hearted historical fiction adventure, Barnum, the best. It's his "edgier" (read: blowsjobs and chicks in fishnets) stuff that I'm not partial to. He's a big influence on Bendis' work. Take that for what it's worth.

If you've read Bite Club, post your feedback here.
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I got the first issue of Bite Club: Vampire Crime Unit or whatever, and am looking forward to reading it. :)

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