Books of Doom (Ed Brubaker) (spoilers)

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Oct 19, 2005
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Who else did you expect to bring you this thread????? :lol:

Just read the first issue during damn!!!! :rockon: I'm gonna re-read it tonight and post some theories and possible spoilers.

Def must read....
Re: Book of Doom ***SPOILERS***

You know I actually forgot that I made this thread. :?

I was reorganzing my collection last night and noticed this book. I took it out and reread it. I'm so glad I did. For those of you who might've missed this little miniseries----here's a little reminder.

I know there are a few of you out there who might not have enjoyed Ed Brubaker before Captain America. But since then he's gone onto write a most-kick *** Daredevil......and he's even found a way to make Iron Fist rock. So in light of all that (amongst his awesome "Criminal" series).....for your reading pleasure....


Here's a little preview/interview with Brubaker...

Seriously....check this book out. It is completely awesome in every way.
Re: Book of Doom ***SPOILERS***

I downloaded it a while back but haven't got around to reading it yet. Right now, I'm planning to make my way through Brubaker/Rucka's Gotham Central.
Re: Book of Doom ***SPOILERS***

Ed Brubaker just mentioned this on Twitter the other day and I forgot that I had wanted to read it and never did. I just finished it. It is really good.

It's basically the story of Doctor Doom and how he became what he is, starting from the time he was born through his seize of Latveria. For as goofy of a character as he appears to be, this has none of that in the book. Reed Richards is barely mentioned and the Fantastic Four don't even appear.

I was expecting some sort of mention of the excellent Mark Waid story in which Doom finds Valaria - it's the Unthinkable prologue and I won't spoil it. It isn't mentioned, but Books of Doom fits in with it fine.

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