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  1. Ice

    Gotham TV Series news

    Reported by CBR: MTV News also suggests that a ratings win for "S.H.I.E.L.D." could be a success for the cross-town rivals in New York and Burbank. Their evidence: a recent USA Today interview with Ed Brubaker in which he says, "There's been talk of 'Gotham Central' on TV since when we were...
  2. E

    Ed Brubaker is leaving Marvel

    I hadn't heard about this before seeing this article, but apparently Ed Brubaker is leaving Marvel. Jason Latour (I don't believe I've read any of his work) is taking over Winter Soldier. The article says sales were slow and it was supposed to end around #14 or 15 but sales stabilized and the...
  3. Friday

    Fatale - Brubaker, Phillips - Image - Spoilers

    So I know E is looking into it, and we all know I bought it. Anyone else get it? What've we got in the first issue? An writer, his reporter/writer "uncle", an apparently unaging woman named Josephine, a group of identical, unaging men that look like buffer versions of the BTAS Clock King, and...
  4. Void.M

    Winter Soldier ongoing!

    http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=35275 Sweet!
  5. E

    Captain America & Bucky/Captain America relaunch (2011)

    I don't see any comments on the new series. This is the relaunch by Brubaker and McNiven. I love the idea of the dream dimension and that little kid - that's a great concept.
  6. Void.M

    Zemo Returns in Captain America.

    Hell yeah.
  7. ProjectX2

    Avengers Secret Avengers general discussion

    Brubaker and Deodato on Secret Avengers. I like Brubaker. I don't care about Deodato. I think these two comics need better artists.
  8. ProjectX2

    Avengers Captain America: Reborn (Brubaker/Hitch) MAJOR SPOILERS

    Rumour has it that Ed Brubaker's secret project is a 5 issue mini series called Reborn drawn by Bryan Hitch, inked by Butch Guice and covers by John Cassaday. It is probably the source behind those recent star teasers in Marvel Comics and may involve the return of Captain America...
  9. Ice

    Angel of Death (Web Series by Brubaker)

    And it has launched today.
  10. ProjectX2


    What happens when Brubaker and Phillips take a break from Criminal? INCOGNITO. Sleeper meets Criminal. This is going to be great.
  11. Friday

    Sleeper Movie News

    Tom Cruise as Holden Carver? I don't like it. I don't think he has the build or the edge for it. But no matter who they get to play Carver it'll come down to the casting for Tao to make or break the film. And for those of you that never read it. For shame. Wiki. Information to be found HERE
  12. McCheese

    Messiah CompleX Discussion (Spoilers)

    Fine I'll start the damn thread. Lazy bastards. Messiah CompleX kicked off today with chapter one written by Ed Brubaker. This is a thread to discuss all things Messiah CompleX. Yes the X is inappropriately capitolized. I checked. This crossover is supposed to change the X-books for the...
  13. Ice

    Captain America Returns with Alex Ross.

    The big secret from Marvel is that Captain America is coming back. But no, not Steve Rogers. Captain America. Steve Rogers, the Sentinel of Liberty, was cut down in a hail of gunfire in March's CAPTAIN AMERICA #25. And whether or not you agree with the decision, he's still dead. But a...
  14. TheManWithoutFear

    Winter Solider: Winter Kills One Shot Discussion (Spoilers)

    Flashback to Christmas, London, 1944 Bucky and Toro are preparing for a dance. They ask Steve to go but he says he wants to stay home and study for strategies and codes. Namor comes in and jokes about stealing the Human Torch's girl. Christmas, New York, Present Bucky walks through...
  15. ProjectX2

    The Immortal Iron Fist #1-16 discussion [Fraction/Brubaker/Aja] [spoilers]

    Awesome start. I love Ed Brubaker, and Matt Fraction is pretty cool. Combine these two writers with David Aja's pulp style art? We have a winner. The first issue is about a Chinese billionaire proposing an offer to Danny Rand. Danny is suspicious and declines the offer. Later on, as Iron...
  16. thee great one

    Gotham Central Series Discussion *Spoilers*

    I finally was able to give this a try. I bought the 3rd trade with the Joker Snipping story and the Mad Hatter/Bullock story. This is a fantastic series. What the hell were they thinking when they canceled. I thought the whole involved around Allen and Montoya. All the characters are great. I...
  17. Friday

    Criminal (Brubaker) - series discussion (spoilers)

    Brubaker/Phillips Criminal IS starting to get ramped up. We've got a 5-page trailer HERE. No, its not a traditional preview, but 5 original ages just for setup. I'm stoked. Bru and Phillips did a hell of a job on Sleeper, and this looks like a grittier, unpowered story in that vien. Anyone...
  18. ProjectX2

    Captain America Vol. 5 by Ed Brubaker discussion (SPOILERS!)

    I downloaded the first 10 issues to see what it was like... WOW! This is the best I've ever seen Captain America at. The story is exciting, the art is excellent and Captain America is actually interesting. How many issues is Brubaker writing?
  19. Ice

    X-Men: Deadly Genesis (Discussion Spoilers)

    #1 of 6 First of all, HAHAHA COMPOUND! The crash site wasn't even at the mansion. It was more upstate New York. Maybe ya shouldn't have jumped the gun. :wink: Anyways, it was pretty good the way this started. Not a lot, but enough to show us what's gonna go down. If anyone picks this...
  20. Victor Von Doom

    Books of Doom (Ed Brubaker) (spoilers)

    Who else did you expect to bring you this thread????? :lol: Just read the first issue during lunch.........hot damn!!!! :rockon: I'm gonna re-read it tonight and post some theories and possible spoilers. Def must read....