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I searched for a thread about this show, but I couldn't find one. Which is a shame, b/c Boy Meets World is hands down my favourite show EVER!

It was stinking hilarious, had great characters, and even dealt with some heavy issues (for a prime time ABC TGIF family sitcom).

It ticks me off that it isn't out on DVD, although you can watch most of the episodes on youtube.

Did anyone else love this show?

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Several threads beat this.

But Boy Meets World was a fun show. I feel it feel apart when he went to college, but still a fun show.
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I've always loved this show. It was the center of my Friday nights until High School. I have the first three seasons on DVD, I'm just sad we'll never see the rest of it. . .

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Not true a lot of mine are outright ignored despite interest as people go and open new thread about it or go and post in other threads about it.

I care enough to mock you :

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There, Are you happy now?

i think that may be the first time someone on this board has made fun of me for something other than being Canadian!

and roosters are annoying

and yeah, i'm happy now.


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...when Family Matters became the center of his Friday nights.

Nah, Family Matters lasted just as long as Boy Meets World did. Going back and watching Family Matters now, though, is painful. At least Boy Meets World still holds up as a decent show.

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