1. Ice

    New Warriors TV Show with Squirrel Girl?

    Squirrel Girl on TV? Marvel Developing New Warriors Comedy Series Marvel and ABC Studios are developing a New Warriors comedy series that would put the spotlight on little-known comic book heroine Squirrel Girl, TVLine has learned exclusively. Both Marvel and ABC Studios declined to comment...
  2. Ice

    Damage Control (Marvel) TV series

    Marvel's Damage Control in development as comedy series at ABC Marvel Television is looking beyond one-hour action dramas: The Hollywood Reporter says ABC has ordered a pilot script for a half-hour comedy series based on "Damage Control". Ben Karlin, a longtime writer for "The Daily Show,"...
  3. Ice

    Agent Carter TV Series

    Since it's officially picked up, let's have a thread. Just released- the first official promo art.
  4. Ice

    Which new comic book show are you looking forward to?

    Plenty of TV new comic book shows coming next TV season. Which one are you looking forward to? You can choose for more than just one show. Gotham, FOX iZombie, The CW Flash, The CW Constantine, NBC Agent Carter, ABC
  5. Captain Canuck

    No Ordinary Family (spoilers) I watched the pilot tonight. It is exactly as cliché as it seems.
  6. Ultimate Houde


    So, I'm addicted to this show. It's quirky, it's fun, for those of you who like Pysch, you'd probably enjoy this show. It follows a writer, Richard Castle (Great writer name btw) as he follows a detective Kate Becket, as she solves crimes. Of course, his unique view on life helps them...
  7. T_Montalbano


    INFORMATION FlashForward is a science-fiction television series that is based on the 1999 Prix Aurora Award-winning novel Flashforward by Canadian science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer. With the end of Lost in 2010, ABC Studios hopes it will be a companion series to the show during its sixth...
  8. Captain Canuck

    Boy Meets World

    I searched for a thread about this show, but I couldn't find one. Which is a shame, b/c Boy Meets World is hands down my favourite show EVER! It was stinking hilarious, had great characters, and even dealt with some heavy issues (for a prime time ABC TGIF family sitcom). It ticks me off...
  9. T_Montalbano

    The Unusuals

    i've watched this show so far and i hope it sticks it out, i'm hearin' it's gettin' low ratings but i think this show has potential, i wanna keep watchin' to see how it turns out and hopefully these guys will able to tell the story they wanna tell
  10. Fredrik Martinsson

    Scrubs (Spoilers)

    YES! One of the most entertaining shows on TV has finally got its own thread! Don't exactly know how to start but I can say that old Scrubs episodes are viewed two times each day Monday to Thursday here on Channel 6 in Sweden (on Fridays we have the 4400 instead) and new episodes are viewed...
  11. ultimatedjf

    Lost *spoilers*

    Does anybody here watch LOST? And by watch, I mean, has seen every episode. :D It's so awesome. It's made Wednesdays the best for me, what with comics out and it on. Now I know this will sound stupid (and Shannon-y :wink: ), but I seriously am terrible at giving plot summaries which is why...