Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Wii/ps2)

2 new features :

"Z-Counter"... Just before you're hit with an attack, you teleport behind your opponent and deliver a counter-attack. As long as your "Blast Gague" lasts, you can keep ping-ponging back and forth. Budokai 3 and Legends players should be fairly familiar with this type of gameplay mechanic.

"Sonic Sway"... A technique that allows you to dodge an opponent's physical attacks like a sheet of paper. Think Neo in The Matrix bending around to avoid the bullets. This is different than the normal guard and evade, making it easier to get back into fighting stance and turn it into a counter-attack.
those videos were terrible.

Well maybe thiss will make you more impressed

In addition to offering online game play on the Wii, Dragon Ball Z will celebrate the final installment of the Tenkaichi series for the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system with an exclusive 'Disc Fusion System.' In combination with Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 when either Budokai Tenkaichi 1 or Budokai Tenkaichi 2 is inserted into the PlayStation 2 system, game play modes will be unlocked. Each game in the series will provide a different and exciting game play mode.
Characters : As well as alll the ones last year , there is also :

* King Vegeta (Base, Great Ape King Vegeta)
* King Cold
* Nail
* Goku (Early)
* Goku (Mid) (Base,SS)
* Piccolo (Early)
* Piccolo (Mid)
* Babidi
* Spopovich
* Future Gohan (Base, SS)
* GT Kid Goku (Base, SS, SS3, SS4)
* Nuova Shenron
* Dr. Wheelo
* Seripa (Base, Great Ape Seripa)
* Tambourine
* Kid Chi-Chi
* Namu
* Android #8
* Spike the Devil Man
* General Blue
* Arale Norimaki

Also Story mode has been redone , From what people are saying it's like the story happens WHILE your fighting to make it more Dragonball z style
I was always going to.

These games are lots of fun.

I never did get any of the other Tenkaichis.

The last one I still have is Budokai 3.

But it's not high on the list.
I was always going to.

These games are lots of fun.

I never did get any of the other Tenkaichis.

The last one I still have is Budokai 3.

But it's not high on the list.

Damn , have you at least played them at a friends? the Tenkaichi (Sparkling) games are completely diffrent in style and moves

e.g of style - Over the shoulder look

e.g of moves - in Tenkaichi 2 Buu could turn people in to chocolate :lol:
7 days :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:​
this game came today in post 2 days before realse that was cool , wwe game should come tomorrow , But on with this game

The second you load it up everyone from 2 is unlocked except the SSJ 4 stages the Wii exclusives last time e.g king piccolo.

The story mode is the best yet. It's kind of like Tenkaichi 1 but interactive. What I mean by this is as you fight the story continues now say you are piccolo and goku vs Raditz.

You can either a) play your own way and beat him however. Or b) every now and again a "press R3" logo appears. You press r3 and goku will switch out piccolo comes in ready to special beam cannon. then r3 displays you switch back to go to bide time ect... following the show more.

There are a lot of diffrent tournament modes , dual types and more to keep you playing long after you have beaten story , yes they had some every one so far but now there is like twice as many.

All in all this is my favourite game of this year so far.
I'll likely be playing this at some point because I know my friend will have gotten this and will bring it over when he comes to my house.

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