Buffy/Angel timeline?


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Jul 12, 2005
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I'm currently watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I'm near the end of S6 on Buffy, middle of S3 on Angel.

I've been watching them in the order I found here (the 2nd post), and it's been working really well, everything has made sense until now. I just copied the episode order and didn't read any of the other stuff for fear of spoilers.

Now, when I'm nearing Buffy S7/Angel S4, I'm looking at the episode list and see that it says to watch Angel 4x15 before any of the preceding episodes. Any Buffy wizards on the board who could tell me, preferably without spoiling, if this makes any sense? I'd hate to change the episode order this way, I'd much rather watch them in order (either watching Angel 4x1-4x14 before starting Buffy S7 or watching 4x1-4x15 where ep. 4x15 is placed on the list).

Well, something happens in Angel season four that directly impacts the ending of Buffy season eight

It is true, to get the fill experience, watch them in the order it suggests
The second post is correct, something happens in BtVS 717 'Lies My Parents Told Me' that helps move along the story in Angel 415 'Orpheus', then continuing in BtVS 718 'Dirty Girls'.
But why would you watch Angel 15 before Angels 1-14?

That doesn't make sense.

That's what I was wondering. I have no doubt that Angel 4x15 is best viewed after Buffy 7x17 but before 7x18. I was just wondering, does it make sense to watch the rest of the Angel season only after 4x15. Or rather, is there anything in 4x15 that doesn't make sense if watched before the earlier episodes and will it spoil the earlier stuff?
I would just watch, like, the first three or four Buffy's to line up that episode in the correct place, then switch to one Buffy, one Angel the rest of the way.

Keeping in mind, I haven't seen Angel season 4.
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