Buzzscope gives sneak peak at Ultimate Iron Fist, Ultimate Shang-Chi


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Dec 29, 2004
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Buzzscope is showcasing some Mark Bagley sketches for Ultimate Iron Fist and Ultimate Shang-Chi are up at

Series Editor Ralph Macchio gave us a little background:

"We’d seen Shang-Chi before in the Ultimate Universe, in a few issues of our Ultimate Team-Up title a few years back. At that time, I don’t recall the penciler giving him a costume. He was in street clothes. This time around we wanted to give him some kind of uniform to separate him from the crowd, so to speak. Mark Bagley went through several designs, talking to Brian Michael Bendis and Joe Quesada, and we settled on the one here. It’s a strong uniform, which isn’t showy. I like it."

"This is our first glimpse of Ultimate Iron Fist since a Ultimate Spider-Man: Wizard ½ issue. We wanted to beef up the character—make him more dramatic and dynamic. This time, Mark Bagley nailed it in one try. The costume shows off Danny Rand’s toned physique—and the neat dragon symbol on his chest. It’s kind of casual and cool and is nicely distinguished from the Shang-Chi design. Both are nice."
Nothing too good...

But nice find DSF. I guess these guys are going in the arc with Moon Knight?
Iron Fist looks great,not sold on Shang-Chi yet.......looks a bit cliched to be honest,stereotypical asian ninja.

Ultimate Houde said:
Let's hope Iron Fist is actually as cool character, unlike in 616. Actually, they are going to be hard pressed to make him a cool character.

Ummm Iron Fist is a cool character in 616.

No yellow booties???

Who drew those? My 5 year old cousin. Decent sketches but when I saw the link I thought we were gettin' some real drawings... looking forward to the characters appearing.
He does have some potential to be a good character, but his costume always fell short with me.

If they do give him a good background, and some decent writing, then I guess he -could- be a cool character
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I once came up with a concept for Ultimate Iron Fist.....
Ultimate Houde said:
He does hhave some potential to be qa good character, but his costume always fell short with me.

The costume has nothing to do with how good a character is... sure, it gives the character extra points if the costume is appealing but how good a character is is all in the writing. Have you read a comic with Iron Fist in it?
Very few of them, and those were the ones with him and Luke Cage (a la Power Man) were working together as superheroes for hire.

I admit though, I haven't read them in years so I have no clue to what he is doing now.
jtg3885 said:
You're welcome for the images in the thread, you bloody ingrates. :twisted:

Thanks for the pics Ice. :D
I want a yellow hood-mask on Iron Fist....

otherwise *shrug* its more important how they're written
These characters look really cool and, aside or against (Yes, I do believe either of these characters could be used as villains this time around) Spider-Man and Moon Knight, the next arc should be really interesting... It is a shame, now that you see all of these characters showing up, that Daredevil isn't around to kick some tail, too, but we'll forgive Bendis (Right, MwoF? :)).

Can we get a synopsis of what both Shang-Chi and Iron Fist have done before in the UU. Someone's gotta have those Team-Up issues and that Wizard 1/2 special...