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Fabian Nicieza said:
How about starting with a double page spread that ISN'T DP fighting? How's that for a dramatic change of pace! ;-)

Seriously, I'm a huge fan of "you pays your $ you gets your opinions," so repetition of jokes, character beats, Recap Page use, etc. is all fair game, but how can you think that Cable lacks any "real direction" -- ?

That I don't get. The book has been all about Cable's direction -- and often story arcs deal with how he has to work through and around setbacks, etc.

But you'll see lots of the pieces you feel are confusing clarified in #25... advanced in #26-27 (by taking a look back!) and more of it again during the Civil War tie-ins and the upcoming "Domino Principle" arc.

If you get Cable, then you get that what he does can't be "done in one" -- it's not a one issue or even a ten issue thing. By the very nature of the character, he is about a much longer term vision than that.

So I guess you just have to cross your fingers like me and hope the book lasts 1,000 issues and every single writer and editor at Marvel are long-since passed away except for me so that I can tell the story in its entirety. ;-)

-- fabian

A bit of what Fabian says about Civil War and Cable's future.

Comixfan member said:
Are we to assume from this that you have Cable's story fully mapped out (at least in your mind)?

Fabian Nicieza said:
That would be a fairly safe assumption.
Mind you, it is MY mind we're talking about, so in and of itself, that makes the whole thing pretty dicey...

-- fabian
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That's just sweet. Thanks Ice. This came out today and I won't be getting it until Saturday. That's right guys you won't be getting comic info about the comics you don't read until Saturday :(

But Deadpool stalking Aunt May... cmon... :twisted:
The issue was pretty decent. It was mostly just Cable talking to Cap. about his vision. Cap. was very receptive to Cable's vision and spends a lot of time living in Providence.

Captain America fills us in on what Cable's been up too. A lot of technological mumbo jumbo. All of the big guns that Cable has obtained in the past so many issues. He's met with various characters. Most interesting is "The Wizard" for his anti-gravity tech. What's he up too? Pretty simple.

Captain America is contacted by Nick Fury to see what Cable's up too. Continuity is explained. Cable and Nick don't have a great relationship right now and that makes it pretty clear that this happens after Secret War. Cap goes through all the trouble to get into Providence.

He explains about how happy of a place it is and how he hasn't felt this at ease since... you know before WWII.

He walks into his room and finds Cable holding his shield. Cable offers him a mixed challenge that seems real and playful. They fight and Cable then beats him. We then learn what everything Cable's been doing has lead too... Cable got something that would mimic every aspect of his powers. So that's it.

Cable shows Captain America his future. Captain America's memories reenacts Cable's past (the future) with him taking Cable's place. Captain America realizes that Cable is just like he was and the kicker is Cable's banner was Captain America's shield that lasted through the ages. Cap is touched.

Then Cable goes on about how Captain America couldn't hold a candle to him and what he's been through. It's extremely arrogant but extremely true.

Captain stays on providence for a short time to help finish a mural he began painting with the citizens.


Next up: Apocalypse
Oh yeah.

What you guys would be most interested in is the rumblings of Civil War that Cable is establishing.

When he's talking to Captain America, Cable tells Steve that Stark Towers is bugged by the [Insert whoever watches over superhero activities that isn't SHIELD here] and he has one of his contacts looking into it now. We then see Deadpool in the shadows as Aunt May walks by and he compares her to Bea :twisted: But still it was kinda cool seeing that the costumes are being watched now.

I have no idea what's going on with the flashbacks. I don't know if it's cause I'm drinking and reading and had a long day at work or if it's actually just that out of place or what...

Anyway thousands of years ago a Cable defeated an untechnological Apocalypse leaving Ozymandias alone and Apocalypse's Dark Riders loyal to Cable.


Ozymandias waits for Apocalypse to return.

Deadpool is called back to Providence because Cable has been missing for two weeks and seems to be tracking stolen artifacts from all over the country.

Thousands of years ago:

Cable stops a convey bringing advanced technology to Ozymandias, who reveals the tech is not from the future but from the ancient past...


Irene and Deadpool, with Black Box telepathically helping, venture into "the" Sphinx and find a translation that says Apocalypse is coming and Deadpool fights off the Dark Riders. They discover a miniature sphinx inside and it begins to open.

The Dark Riders stop and bowe to the shadowy figure walking out...

Irene: "How do you expect to stop Apocalypse?"

Cable (with Ozymandias standing behind him): "...Whoever said I wanted to stop apocalypse from coming back?"


Entertaining but predictable. Still no Apocalypse though. I also had a problem with Deadpool escorting Irene alone. Why didn't The Cat go too?

Looks like Cable and Apocalypse are working together...
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i just started reading this comic recently and i think it rocks. i started picking up a few back issues to check out what its been about, and in my opinion is one of the funniest comics out right now, but with a good mix of action too
I've always liked apocalypse and overall I thought it was an entertaining issue. It was a well done cliff hanger. I'm wondering what Cable's longer term plan for Apocalypse. I think it's going to be that he wants to usurp Apocalypse's mantle for himself, mostly because of the survival of the fittest mentality of the issue.
Despite the fact that I have no idea what's with Cable's background and the whole flashbacks with him or how it is exactly Apocalypse is resurrected, I really loved this issue. If not for Deadpool's always hilarious comments but I've never seen a rivalry come to life like it did here...

We get the story of Cable way back when sending Apocalypse into space after his first resurrection.

Cut the the present and Cable's explaining to Wade and Irene he has things under control. Ozy is basically on whoever "the fittest" is. They walk into Apocalypse's chamber where he hasn't been awoken yet.

Cable says he has to live so he can be the reason to reunite the 198 mutants left. Wade wants to kill him and attempts to but then a gross unfully regenerative Apocalypse wakes up. As Wade fights off the dark knights, Cable and Apocalypse fight. Cable let's him live and leaves.

Apocalypse vows to destroy him but Ozymadias secretly knows Cable will always be the stronger.


We're then taken to a foreign eastern European country. Bridge from the 6 pak is making a deal with a stranger. Domino chimes in that instead of getting payed to do the job, she'll pay them for the chance to stop Cable and kill Deadpool.

This was definitely the best book I read this week. I really liked Cable's attitude and approach to Apocalypse. It's one thing to act bad *** toward some nobody but mother ****ing Apocalypse! Just perfectly written. This series isn't going anywhere so help me.

I was kind of worried to see Cable using Apocalypse to scare people into following him, but it wasn't too terrible. I'd never thought of the idea that Apocalypse helps man kind by pushing it to be stronger. It makes sense though. I have to go back over the last issue and see how Cable gave Apocalypse the power to always regenerate. I'm still confused on how he manages to get his memories back though. I guess that'll be part of the reread.

I liked seeing Deadpool with some morals. He wasn't totally in favor of Cable's plan, but, as always, he was just going with the flow. Deadpool is still great but did a good job in this issue as a guest star.

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It was a good read. Weird seeing Apocalypse like that, though. :shock:

Overall, it was enjoyable and I liked how Cable is thinking to help save mutantkind. This is definetly a "Keep your enemies closer" type of deal because Cable knows what kind of..."attention" (for the lack of a better word) Apocalypse can bring. And that he's still going to stop him later on. He's just using him. I love that.



I mean....

Ok, so i just read the first arc "if looks could kill" and it was AWSOME! Definetley gonna start picking this up...

I've got to say it's a bit of a let down. Domino's an interesting character to me. But this just left me feeling like I've seen it all before.

It's all basically told from Domino's perspective. She's working with a group called The Ultimatum lead by The Flag-Smasher who in turn is dictator ruler of ........ damn Fabian and his hard to pronounce/spell countries. Anyway it's in Eastern Europe. So Domino's trying to find out what Deadpool is doing there. And Deadpool is teamed up with a resistance movement to get rid of Flag-Smasher. Weasel also has returned and is with the resistance also. So Deadpool and Domino have a fight (if you want to call it that) that ends up in a stalemate after the Ultimatum and resistance both break it up.

When it comes time to assasinate Flag Smasher, Domino's the one who pulls the trigger. The resistance then announce it's all a setup so the new leader can move in -- Cable (Surprise?). Domino wonders if she's done the right thing.

A few side notes.

Irene Merrywhether is talking to a former collegue about the superhero registration act.

The whole issue was set to the tone of "who is actually behind curtain one" but you obviously know it was Cable the entire time.

There's a nod to the Golden Age with a mention of the V-Battalion and I think this is the set up for Citizen V to return next issue.

I thought it was one of the weaker issues... :? And to boot, Domino talked too much.


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