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Sep 15, 2004
This comic needs a discussion thread.

I've noticed that this seems to be very popular (especially on Millarworld with all the English readers) and I think I've liked the Doctor Who episodes Paul Cornell wrote and I hear Mark Millar brought him to Marvel so I decided to download all of the issues and read them.

I just finished the first arc. Wow. This is way better than Secret Invasion. I haven't had any exposure to these characters but Cornell somehow makes them all feel familiar. I remember Kirk's pencils from JSA and Batman and while they were okay, they weren't as good as he was on this story. His art reminded me of Immonen, with a bit more detail, and I love Immonen so I thought this looked fantastic.

I liked John the Skrull. Skrull Beatles would be the coolest comic ever.

I'm now going to finish catching up (I am excited for the third arc, I believe, with Dracula on the moon and vampire missiles!) and then try and track down Cornell's Wisdom MAX mini and Alan Moore's Captain Britain because I want to know more about these characters.

This definitely seems to be a strong, different title and I would recommend it if you're tired of Marvel's current, stale stuff and want to read something new.

Okay, I'm all caught up now. Blade! Mindless Ones! Doctor Doom meeting with Dracula on the moon! Vampire missiles!

This comic is awesome. Go read it NOW!

Also, I am going to post this banner because it's what made me want to read this comic:

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Re: Captain Britain and MI: 13 discussion (Spoilers!)

Seconded. Everyone go read this now.
Re: Captain Britain and MI: 13 discussion (Spoilers!)

Yep, it's really good. I believe there's a lot more about the Skrull Beatles in Cornell's 'Wisdom,' but I haven't caught up with that yet. It's great to see Captain Britain getting the decent treatment he deserves again... He's a character I grew up with, and his Alan Moore / Alan Davis incarnation was classic stuff, but I could never get on with Excalibur. Paul Cornell has really made good again, though... proving the exception to my general rule that TV writers shouldn't do comics.
This should get you guys excited:

Cover by GREG LAND

Meggan is Captain Britain's wife, an X-Man in Hell. And she's going to fight her way home. Over years, bargains, battles, with only her love to guide her. Can she get back to Earth in time to help her husband turn back Dracula and his evil invasion? And is that a metal gauntlet offering a hand? Don't miss this key part of "Vampire State"! Plus: MI13 delves into the secrets behind British Magic.

Well... if you come into this thread, you are forced to read the comic. So go read it now.
Wow... Dracula won. I think the next issue will be like that Doctor Who episode where The Master won and it was about The Doctor's companion running around doing rebellion **** but with Blade instead maybe.
Yeah this is excellent. I wonder if part of me loves it just cuz they've got all the english characters together for an english team. Rather than like excalibur with kitty pryde and beast or however many of the american heroes just cuz they sell better.

Here we got Wisdon, Cap Britain, Blade and a few scenes with Union JAck. Why wasn't this done years ago.....i swear when i started reading this with the first few issues i was like wouldn't it be cool if they got blade in on this...and then they do....i was happy.

The wisdom story is really good, each issue is pretty self contained, and it's got a great one with shang-chi fighting the Welsh Dragon. That was cool, i need to catch up I'm still half way through "Hell comes to birmingham" (which is my city so i feel good just getting mentioned).

John the Skrull and Captain Midlands also get honorary mentions.
I'm not even sure why I picked this up, since it doesn't feature any character I've ever heard of (other than Captain Britain, who was featured in Ultimates). But I managed to follow the story despite that, and it wasn't bad. I'm looking forward to picking up the second trade, with the whole vampire theme.
This makes no sense.

Wasn't this book number one in England? I'm pretty sure the first trade went to number one.

Joe Quesada thinks England is a fictional country created just for the Marvel Universe, like Latveria or Wakanda.

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