leonard kirk

  1. Ice

    Fantastic Four (James Robinson/Leonard Kirk) - SPOILERS

    Fantastic Four Relaunched By James Robinson And Leonard Kirk In February, Announced For Real This Time The FF evicted from the Baxter Building and facing the Avengers. The Thing in prison for murder. Johnny Storm powerless. Dragon Man sentenced to death. The imagination of Sue and Reed...
  2. Ice

    Hunger discussion (Fialkov/Kirk) SPOILERS

    BENDIS & FIALKOV GROW ULTIMATE "HUNGER" LIVE! Preview art also shown.
  3. ProjectX2

    Captain Britain and MI13 discussion (Spoilers!)

    This comic needs a discussion thread. I've noticed that this seems to be very popular (especially on Millarworld with all the English readers) and I think I've liked the Doctor Who episodes Paul Cornell wrote and I hear Mark Millar brought him to Marvel so I decided to download all of the...
  4. Zombipanda

    Agents of Atlas Discussion

    So, has anyone else picked up this book? Because it's awesome. Quick and clever and featuring a cheesy back-up where Wolverine carries a gun.