Captain Britain by Moore & Davis

Steve GMan

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Nov 27, 2005
I just bought this TPB today and am about halfway through (
Legion just "died"
). Even at that point, it's such a fantastic read. You're thrown in at the end of a storyarc that I guess was finished off by Moore and he uses its events to create such a deeply intricate, incredible, and at points, moving, story. And I'm only halfway through.

Anyone else read it? I think this was Moore's only work for Marvel.
Bass said:
Cool - I'm gonna take a look at this.

If it disappoints you, you're allowed to smack me around all you want.

Ultimate Gambit said:
did you know that Moore was actually the person to name the current Marvel Universe "616"

Ha, yeah, that was in there. It's funny because it's a throwaway line in the book, and it's amazing how long it stuck for.
Ultimate Gambit said:
I know Moore is a genius the ramifications he has with one line which he probably thought wouldn't do anything has spawned so much more.

I just finished it. He really is a genius. He introduces two seemingly unstoppable enemies and how their parts are played is executed beautifully.

And Alan Davis knows how to draw some biddies.

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