Cheaters - A Guilty Pleasure


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Jul 6, 2010
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Oh man, there's nothing like watching Cheaters. If I have a crappy day, I can always point to these people and say hey, at least I'm not these jackasses.

This one guy is hilarious... he dates this skinny blonde chick with a tramp stamp tattoo. Somehow he's surprised she's ho'ing around on him. Another case of HELLOOOO... MCFLY!! You know she was a ho when you hooked up with her, you're a moron dude.

Sometimes you feel sorry for the dudes or girls, they seem like genuine good people. Either way I still find tons of enjoyment in Joey Greco and his glorious soulpatch.

I can't believe he calls that thing facial hair, my cat could lick it off his face.
I got into it after my son was born... during the months when sleep did not exist. Lots of Cheaters at 2 am.
I think the title of this thread is a bit unfair to those who actually take the show completely serious and watch it religiously. Like myself.
I thought a pretty good practical joke would be to have a girl pretend to be a guy's girlfriend and have Cheaters follow him and the actual girlfriend then make a huge spectacle of the confrontation.
Dude my wife said the same thing some time ago. She asked if we could do it. I said sure if she makes out with a chick for the cameras.

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