Christmas 2007

The best Christmas movie in the history of the universe is STILL Jingle All The Way.

"It's just a stoopid daaaahl!!"
Cool poem Mole. :lol:

Thank you,

truth is taft in christmas hat and Poem/story I just put together quickly to fill front page in stead of the usual holiday "Please tell us all about your *insert holiday* and what you are doing" :lol: I thought people would hate poem/story but thought "hey it's slightly more unique"
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Token Jew djf feels left out because of title.


Here's my Chanukkah wish list:
- Superbad 2-Disc Extended/Unrated Edition (got it)
- Walk Hard soundtrack (got it)
- LOST Magazine #14
- LOST Season 3 DVD Box Set (Dec. 11)
- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 2-Disc Special Edition (Dec. 11)

Do you guys get gifts on Christmas as well? I had Jewish friends in elementary school and was so mad that they got gifts for all the nights of your holiday, and Christmas

Do you guys get gifts on Christmas as well? I had Jewish friends in elementary school and was so mad that they got gifts for all the nights of your holiday, and Christmas

No but on Jan. 1st, all of our closest cousins get together (for the first time since Turkey Day, usually) to give each other 2 new books.
So I finished of my christmas shopping today. I managed to buy everything I wanted to get people though went over board for my little niece and nephew. I tell you I must of looked at 1000's of lazy town , Dora the explorer , Bratz , disney princess products for my niece and things like Thomas the tank , noddy , bob the builder ect.. for nephew.

They've got everything I could get , books , games , toys , ride ons. I spent £1000 in toys r us alone. I think people seeing me in there must have thought I was a weirdo.

I'm type that every toy I could press buttons on in the shop I did. I have to see what the hell it does it. If says "great music" and I press a button and some crappy 1990's ringtone sounding tune plays I don't buy.

I must have looked like a retard or a weirdo when I pressing buttons on a Disney Princess phone , Kinda cool you dial numbers and get to learn maths or phone one the princesses. I figured she'll love it , In to my trolly it goes.

But my favourite of these toys had to be a small ATV for children 1-3 fo my nephew aged 1 , It made beeping , it made engine sounds. It was funny as hell I have to see him on it.

but the damn ATV after you press a button it stays on for a while , with each movement when I stopped it would beep , all around the shop i could hear "beep beep" "beep beep" it started to drive me crazy.

However the bad side about christmas shopping in no one has any ****ing manners. in stead of slowing down at the end of an row people just run straight out almost hitting me with their trolly.

Instead off moving when you say "excuse me" people ignore you or push past you. I swear it's like everyone is on ****ing crack or something. The shops were packed full of people and I even saw one man go to pull a Dora doll out my trolly.

I said "hey what you doing." He replies "theres non left I have top get it for my kid" I replied "yeah well you take that out my trolly your kids will have to visit you in hospital on christmas" He dropped it and walked off.

I mean come on. It's clearly in someone else's trolly . most likely as a christmas gift to someone and you are going to take that because you want it and there's non left? **** off , it's called manors people live with it.

Earlier I saw a guy dressed as Santa yell at a kid for coming up to him on his break , sure you are entitled to a break but the kid just said "hi santa" he sees you in the costume he doesn't see a jackass in red he sees santa.

I was tempted to go over there and punch the **** in face. Of course I didn't as then I would be seen as the ******* who punched santa not the guy standing up for a little kid.

I swear first thing I did when I got home is grab a drink , christmas shopping was not "shopping" but instead was like a damn quest from an rpg or something , "congratulations you defeated the jackass santa , Mole gains 40 EXP"
I hate Christmas shopping. Everyone goes insane and then it's all over in one day.
I love Christmas shopping and searching for that perfect gift, and when you see people open it, and the smile that you know is genuine. It's awesome

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