Christmas 2007

I hate Christmas shopping. Everyone goes insane and then it's all over in one day.

I like finding the gifts.

It was just this year people were ruder and more crazy it annoyed me as my long *** post explains :lol:
Houde the mad scientist loves christmas??!!

This is highly deserving of a UC Christmas Special
I hate Christmas shopping. Everyone goes insane and then it's all over in one day.

The only thing that worst than Christmas shopping. Is shopping on Black Friday. People are even more insane on that day. People camp over night just to wait in line and as soon as they open the doors, they come pouring in. Every year you hear of someone or some people being trampled as their coming in the door. It's sick is what it is.
Your Christmas List...

I'm having trouble finding things to get for the people in my life and I thought some of you might be having the same problem. This thread is about what you want for Christmas and what you would like to get for someone else. To help me and help yourselves with Ideals of what to get. Just list what you what, what you like to get for someone else or what you have already have gotten.

What I got so far...

Transformer: for my Nephew
Moon Shoes: for my other Nephew
Dora The Explorer Pet Vet Set: for my Niece
Pirates Of TH e Caribbean At World's End: for my Cousin

What I would like to have...

The Simpsons Movie
Best Buy gift card
Borders gift card
AMC gift card
My mom and dad got into an argument because my dad wanted to go put up Christmas lights at 9 at night. Now, I would say that putting up Christmas lights at night is not as dangerous as she'd make it sound, but it's certainly not very smart. Especially when everything is wet/icy/snowy.

Luckily my dad has returned without having to go to the hospital.
Houde the mad scientist loves christmas??!!
Yes. He just calls it Evolutionmas.







There are a few more images coming, but not until next week. It'd spoil the surprise for others, so you guys just have to wait. :wink:
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