CLAMP: Perverted Ladies or Brilliant Storytellers?


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Oct 24, 2004
New York, NY
I have a weird place in my heart for the CLAMP books: Cardcaptors Sakura, Chobits, CLAMP School Detectives, Magic Knight Rayearth, Wish, etc.

Has anybody else read these series, or am I the only person on this board who likes Manga with a twist of Shoujo (romance, sometimes called "girl manga")?
My girlfriend absolutely loves CLAMP material.

I like Chobits, Tokyo Babylon and XXXholic.
My girlfriend was *totally* put off by the anime version of Chobits (if there's a manga equivalent, neither of us has read it). She absolutely hated it. Nothing to do with technical aspects or the quality of the animation. It was the characters -- how needy, desperate, and controlling the male protagonist is; the very sick possibilities of the androids (I forget the exact term; PersComm or something?); just how generally repressed and tense everybody is. She couldn't stomach finishing anything more than the first episode. It was like a physical, visceral reaction. Her reaction discouraged me from watching the series altogether.

Just to give you a gauge of her taste in manga, she likes Cromartie High School, Eagle, and NANA. She really liked the anime version of Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, despite some reservations about the characterization, and glaring plot holes.

And for a broader context of what she's into, generally:

(Incidentally, I've been attempting to get her to post here for over a year now. But her web-surfing habits just don't accomodate the kind of time-sucking geekery that mine do.)
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I've been trying to find all of the chapters of xxxholic but most sites I know of don't even have it. Does anyone know of a site that has it?
<3 CLAMP!!

Both Janae and I are addicted to their stuff, funny thing is, I like stuff like; RG Veda, xxxHolic, Angelic Layer

Janae's more into; Tsubasa, Clover, Wish, and CC Sakura.
I have all the manga of Tokyo Babylon and a few volumes of X as well as the whole series of X on DVD, a nice box set of the remix I bought for only $70 at convention. Hell, I even like Cardcaptor Sakura. I really like a lot of CLAMP's work.
My Japanese teacher tells me that Shoujo is becoming incredibly popular with Japanese guys at the moment as its helping them "research" girls lol

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