Comic Solicitations for August, 2011

Ultimate Fallout #4-6
Amazing Spider-Man #667-668

Essential Web of Spider-Man Vol. 1 TPB
Spider-Man: The Next Chapter Vol. 1 TPB (probably at some point)
the flash: The road to flashpoint hc
justice league: Generation lost vol. 2 hc
titans: Family reunion tp
the league of extraordinary gentlemen omnibus hc
100 bullets book one hc
fables: Werewolves of the heartland hc
oz: Ozma of oz hc
ff by jonathan hickman vol. 1 premiere hc epting cover
shadowland tpb
shadowland: Thunderbolts tpb
shadowland: Street heroes tpb
shadowland: Daredevil tpb
incredible hulks: Dark son tpb
daken: Dark wolverine — empire tpb
x-men legacy: Collision tpb
x-men: Curse of the mutants — mutants vs. Vampires tpb
namor: The first mutant vol. 2 - namor goes to hell tpb
x-men: Curse of the mutants tpb
the darkness: Accursed, vol. 5 tp
morning glories, vol. 2

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