Complete Calvin & Hobbes

Christ on a bike! I've wanted this for so long, and I've just spotted it over for 80 Euros!! Considering it's 120 in the high streets, I can't wait until payday!
Calvin and Hobbes is hands down, flat out, absolutely without-a-doubt the best comic strip ever written.

I have all of the books, including the Treasureys and Art Gallery Catalog.

If I had the money, I'd run to the store faster than Spaceman Spiff's hyperdrive. Alas, I don't, especially since I already have all the books.

I just started reading them again. About once a year I get in the mood and read all the books in order. My favourite story is the one in "The Days Are Just Packed" wher e Calvin and Hobbes go two hours into the future to get Calvin's homework, which the past and future Hobbes end up writing about the 3 Calvin's fighting.

Reading these books as I was growing up is almost the sole reason for my over-developed vocabulary.

I'd also like to get The Complete Far Side.
I'm sending mine back today.

The binding on the second book is all ripped. Hopefully they are quick with a replacement.

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