Complete 'Library' of the Ultimates in UU


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Dec 24, 2004
If you were to build a complete 'library' of the Ultimates, what issues would you include? (i.e. with guest appearances and everything)

Include issues that had members of the Ultimates WHILE they were team members (so probably not Ultimate Wolverine/Hulk)


Ultimates #1-13
Ultimates 2 #1-11 (so far)
Ultimates Annual #1

Ultimate War #1-4
Ultimate Six #1-7

Ultimate Nightmare #1-5
Ultimate Secret #1-4
Ultimate Extinction #1-5

Ultimate X-Men - What issues? Not the early one with Nick Fury, it was pre-Ultimates, but there was one following Ult War (with a party I think) including some Ultimates....also Ultimate Nick showed up near the end of New Mutants, and Finally, at the end of BKV's run. Widow appeared in the arc focusing on Wolvie with Spidey and DD.

Ultimate Spider-man - During the Doc Strange issues, there was a fight with Deathlok. Nick appeared during the Green Goblin arc. Nick again during Hobgoblin. Iron Man captured Rhino in USM.

So, can anyone:
a) add to the list?
b) Tell me issue numbers if possible?
c) Fix up any mistakes I've made?

Thanks for all the help!
They appeared in a couple issues of Ultimate Adventures, but off hand I can't recall exactly which ones.
...Oh, and UFF, the issue kicking off the Zombie arc - Cap is there... also, the whole President Thor arc.
Wasp is in a early Spider-Man issue giving him a shot.

The ultimates are at a party of the X-men during the Return Of The King arc.
The Ultimates as a group (without Banner) show up in Ultimate Adventures at the very end of Issue #3 and the first part of Issue #4.

The Ultimates as a partial group appear in USM Issue #70 in a flashback sequence (Superstars arc), UXM issues 61- 65 (Magnetic North). They are also pictured in the USM Super Special.

Wasp appears in USM Issue #31.

Tony Stark, Thor, and Nick Fury appear at the public re-opening of Xavier's school in Issue #32 of UXM, the Return of the King arc.

Iron Man is seen briefly in USM Issue #28, when he stops the Rhino before Spider-Man can get to the scene; he is also featured in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up issues #4 and #5, and is seen with Nick Fury in issues #89 and #90 (Silver Sable arc)

Black Widow is featured in Issue #14 of Ultimate Marvel Team-Ups, and in USM Issue #35 (Blockbuster arc).

Spider-man encounters Nick Fury in Issues 24 - 27 (Legacy arc), issue #39 (Venom arc), issues #59 (end of the Hollywood arc), issues #73 and #77 (Hobgoblin arc), issues #89 and #90 (Silver Sable). Fury has also a walk-on part in UMTU Issue #14.

The Hulk: UMTU Issues #2 and #3.

I don't know as this is a complete list; if nothing else, I feel as though I'm missing issues from USM, but if so, I'm sure someone can find them for us.
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