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Sep 15, 2004
I know it fell apart and all, but my library was getting the trades of this. Years ago I read Sojourn, Way of the Rat, Meridian, Mystic and Sigil, I think. There may have been others, but I can't remember them.

I really liked Way of the Rat and Sojourn, and wish they had finished. Did anyone else like any CrossGen books?

BTW, seeing how Disney owns some of the CrossGen properties, it would be interesting to see an animated series of one of these books.
Abadazad Book 1 and Book 2 came out this week (large paperback-sized hard cover from Hyperion Books, available at comics shops and regular book stores - sometimes in the "youth" or "teen" section) and they were FANTASTIC. I also bought El Cazador off my LCS guy and it's great, too.

I recently had a chance to read through a slew of Crossgen stuff and there are a few others (Ruse and maybe Negation) that I plan on picking up.
I'm ripping this off wholesale from an older thread. I believe it still applies equally today:

I seriously wish Grant Morrison or Alan Moore was hired to finish up the incomplete Negation War story, systematically destroying the CrossGen sigil-verse, one title at a time, through a series of inter-connected but self-contained one-shots, wrapping up the core CrossGen books.

For the uninitiated, that would be: a space opera (Sigil), a magical fantasy (Mystic), a folklore-esque fantasy (Meridian), a Homerian myth (The First), a Tolkeinesque fantasy (Sojourn) a samurai drama (The Path), a horror tale (Route 666), a Victorian detective series (Ruse), a wuxia comedy (Way of the Rat), a pirate adventure (El Cazador), and a barbarian epic (Brath), bookended with two Negation War stories, featuring the cast of Negation and Crux.

It would probably weird, fun, dense, annotation-worthy, and, oh yeah, no doubt completely unfair to the legacy of universe creators Mark Alessi and Gina Villa. But hey, Im sure I'd like it, anyway. :twisted:
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compound said:
I'm ripping this off wholesale from an older thread.

You got the list of books and their descriptions from Wikipedia... I'm onto you compound. :)

I downloaded all of Sojourn last week (the prequel, issues #1-34, and the two scripts of #35 and #36), and read it all today. I love it. I wish it had been finished.

The Ron Marz/Greg Land issues are the best. I hated it everytime there was a fill-in - this was the perfect book for Greg Land. It has some of the best art I've ever seen - especially when he draws animals and creatures other than humans.

Then the new writer took over... it was alright. It was still a good book, but then they introduced a plot I didn't like, with the two mages influencing everything. That got a bit too weird for me.

It's a shame it never finished. It had an awesome plot and great art. I will miss it.
Ruse was excellent. Lets take Sherlock Holmes and make him even more of a prick, then add in some strange mystical dealies to really shake things up. I only got to read a few issues but I really dug them.
I finished Way of the Rat today. It had an awesome start, and the first two arcs were some of the best stories I've ever read. It got kind of dull at the end, though. Were any issues after #24 released? Why am I talking to myself?

I plan on checking out The Path and Ruse next, hopefully.

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