Daredevil: Father series discussion (Spoilers)


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Nov 30, 2004
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Daredevil Father #1 Discussion (Spoilers)

Quesada... what a guy.

I really liked this a lot too. Mostly it was an intro to Daredevil and his relationship with his Dad (It is Father's Day).

There's a woman in Murdock's Office who wants to sue New Jersey Power & Light for dumping chemicals onto land near her house that she thinks has given her cancer. The couple also say that they grew up in Hell's Kitchen. Matt takes the case but also notices that the husband seems really familiar to him.

We're then introduced to Nestor Rodriguez. Nestor's childhood is covered with good deeds for the community and a seemingly destiny of greatness.
His father's body is found by Daredevil and Nestor leaves the spotlight and returns 5 years later as a huge media mongul.

Then a sequence of a drug addict trying to outrun Daredevil, who violently takes him down. The addict ends up in the police station asking to be arrested.

Finally a scene of a girl in bed is he being groped by a man with a glove on. She seems welcoming but then the guy takes out a knife.... The last panel shows the outside of the apartment accompanied by a scream...

It seems like this is a good way to introduce yourself to Daredevil *Cough The Great One CoughCough*. So maybe some of you might want to pick it up.
Daredevil: Father #2 Discussion (Spoilers)

Keeps Movin'

Anyway, I did stop by the LCS and read what I couldn't buy. Daredevil: Father continues with The serial killer stalking the streets and removing the eyes of the victims. We're being lead to believe that it is either the girl's husband, who likes to go out and take walks to "clear his mind" or the rich guy who is following every broadcast from his apartment. Sorry the names are sketchy I quickly read through the issue and don't have it infront of me. The girl who claims she has cancer walked into Nelson & Murdock with a black eye that she said she "walked into a doorknob" and There was another killing at a nightclub. Anyway, still enjoy the art. I loved Matt in coat and hat tailing the husband but was stopped suddenly by the new super-team. They seem to be of Central American ethnicity.

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I didn't get a chance to read all of it :( Rushed through it quick cause I had a 1.47 mile walk back to school in under 10 min.

I did see the last panel though and it I'm going back to reread the whole thing.

Apparently Nero is definitely not a bad guy but his whole brooding mood is because of what happened to him as a young child.

His father was killed much like Matt Murdock's father was murdered only this was done by a Wilson Fiskesque looking character. Daredevil, in yellow, bursts through and the kid is holding his father's head and looks up at him and says, "You're too late."
I took my time and read through 1-5. Amazing stuff. Quesada does a great job on both story and art. This takes place sometime within the year Matt is King of Hell's Kitchen. I'm not gonna give away spoilers. I want to sit and read this all in one sitting but the ending to number 5 was just as good as the ending to #4. Some great characters like Nero, Maggie, even the Santerians. Can't wait for the conclusion and for the trade.
DDMikeMN said:
Ellegua - The leader of the Santerians. Big talker but he can apparantly stop the others too. (Nero)

Ogun - Big muscle man with dreads. Strong enough to warrant a warnign from Ellegua not to actually hit DD.

Chango - Hot headed dude who carries a cane and shoots lighting bolts at DD.

Orisha - Stormy lady of Q's dreams. She can fly and lifts DD off the ground.

Oshun - Roguish sassy girl who does DD some damage by touching and then can manipulate water somehow.

The Santerians
Would you, if you please, describe Ogun's look and give some details about him? Just curious to see about him, since there is a character I know (somewhat) with the same name.
Just got word from my LCS that #6 is really, truly shipping next week.
Would you, if you please, describe Ogun's look and give some details about him? Just curious to see about him, since there is a character I know (somewhat) with the same name.
Big African American dude with blond dreadlocks. Wears a visor similar to La Forge in Star Trek. Also a vest with high collar with Tiger designs.
So I'm reading through this thinking...

"Man, I really like this art but this story doesn't seem to be going anywhere."

Matt rushes in to save Foggy and talk Maggie down. Maggie's got this elaborate scheme to come off as tortured by Matt Murdock and that's why she went on a killing spree via "blinding them". The FBI burst in and when Maggie drops the knife onto the glass table that makes a sound that one of the agents accidently reacts too, they shoot and kill her but not before Maggie can whisper into Matt's ear something... He flips out and calls her a liar... Foggy asks what it was and he just says "Father".

Daredevil flies through the streets and goes on about how Maggie's going to make Matt Murdock look bad. The press will make her out to be a tragic figure hounded by her love for Matt. Until a smart investigator like Ben Urich comes along and finds out how pyschotic she was. As he goes through this he stops at a crime scene that involved The Santerians, Nero acknowledges him only by looking up toward him and then he moves on.

Daredevil gets to his destination. An old man who lost his legs to diabetes and is blind sits around wasting away drinking. Matt acknowledges him as Maggie's child molesting father. The big reveal of the series is

He's also the man young Matt Murdock saved the day he got his accident that helped him recieve his abilities...

The man breaks down and begs God for forgiveness. "Father forgive me."

Matt recounts the day he found his dad hustling the butcher. He tells about how his dad was a good man who eventually left behind the men who made him do bad things and helped Matt grow into the man he is today.


"Some of the best Marvel Stories are Daredevil Stories." - Joe Q.

Worth the wait? Yeah. I love Joe Q's art and I think my favorite was his drawing the back and forth between the day Maggie's father was saved with the barrell dropping to the present with the liquor dropping. Little of the Santerians was a let down but this was a good DD story so I'm not complaining.

WOW. Maybe I'm naive, but I totally didn't see that one coming.

Very cool. The series seemed drawn out and a lot of it didn't really seem to have much to do with the big reveal, but it was still such a cool twist it's forgivable.

Maybe it just seemed that way because it took so long for #6 to come out.

Either way, it was worth it.

I'd agree with MwoF's assessment of 4.5/5. Can't wait to pick this up in HC.

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