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  1. Ice

    Joe Quesada no longer EIC....

    ....but also CCO! :wink: As iFanboy reports: Marvel announced today that Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada has earned the title of Chief Creative Officer. What does that mean? Basically, he's still EIC, in charge of the overall direction of the comic book line, but he'll also be providing creative...
  2. moonmaster

    Miracleman (Marvel)

    From Newsarama's Cup 'o Joe live blog:
  3. Ice

    Exclusive Jemas/Quesada CBR interview.

    Ultimate Bill Jemas & Quesada, Part 1 With “Ultimatum” #1 promising huge change for the Ultimate Universe, CBR sat down with former Marvel President Bill Jemas and Marvel EiC Joe Quesada for an exclusive interview about the beginnings of the Ultimate line. Eight years ago, Marvel Comics...
  4. Void.M

    Joe Q in a dunk Tank
  5. Ice

    Cup of Joe: The Discussion thread.

    Why not have this? We can talk about all the quabbles here. First, let me post this beautiful artwork: And now: New Joe Fridays Week 10.
  6. TheManWithoutFear

    Daredevil: Father series discussion (Spoilers)

    Daredevil Father #1 Discussion (Spoilers) Quesada... what a guy. I really liked this a lot too. Mostly it was an intro to Daredevil and his relationship with his Dad (It is Father's Day). There's a woman in Murdock's Office who wants to sue New Jersey Power & Light for dumping...
  7. ultimatedjf

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man general series discussion (spoilers)

    I've changed my mind on this arc, I'm starting to really like it!! Here's the link: I'm pretty sure we can't post spoilers in this thread. :D