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Face-Punching As Foreign Policy

So I bought this as it was really cheap. There was a Marvel and a Star wars one too but I got this (mentioned those in case people got those not these so they will understand my points) I don't get who it's for. Heres a page I found online to demonstrate

You see my problem, is guides like this are usually for die hard fans but take myself I consider myself a big dc fan (not the biggest) but it's too simple for me. I asked a friend getting into dc comics to look at it and they didn't care about anyone but the big names. I tried my nephew and neice with it and they were bored. So who is it for ? I am aware I may be missing an audience or my needs are not everyones but i'm curious.

I saw they were simple in store but I liked art so thought i'd buy for that alone. Now I will say i love how many people are included , Yes it's out of date now as it is more pre-52 I think (not look at all of it yet) but it's still great to look at. I might review this in future i'm not sure but was wondering what others think of it


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People who want to get into comics and not be lost because they don't know much about the characters. Or people who want to pretend to read comics. I was given this as a Christmas gift and found it's most notable thing to be that Steph was Spoiler again.


Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
This. The guide was not made for fans like you, Mole.
Oh I agreed that's why I mentioned experiences with it :) The people i know don't like it as they can easily just pull up wikipedia if needed. Sorry if it seemed i was saying just me. It just see an odd sort thing that pleased no one. But if others starting off seem to find it helpful great :)

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