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Jan 27, 2005
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Is anyone else incredibly excited for this? It's comes out tomorrow.

And there is a very scary preview on News-A-Rama with a Batman-Joker conversation, hinting to Batman R.I.P.
I may even get this, it's only 50 cents I spend more than that on previews

actually I imagine my LCS will buy a ton of these and give some away on FCBD

why didn't DC make this a FCBD book in the first plce?
I may even get this, it's only 50 cents I spend more than that on previews

actually I imagine my LCS will buy a ton of these and give some away on FCBD

why didn't DC make this a FCBD book in the first plce?

I believe some stores are giving it away free anyway.
I was expecting it, but not until the main series. Won't be able to pick this up till friday, though.
*tries really, really hard to care*

He was a dull character prior to CoIE, and he'll continue to be a dull character long after Final Crisis is over.
Yeah. When I heard about the Daily News story, i thought it'd be something the average person might care about. Like Spidey un-masking, or Cap getting shot, or Supes dying again, or something.

I look at the last page and it takes me about two minutes to figure out what i was missing. Then in my head I thought, "Oh, I guess Barry Allen is coming back". But you see, I was naming him wrong. I meant Bart in my head. It was only by accident I got the name right. It was only after I read the News' article that i went OOOOOOOOOH, i get it now.

So, yeah, that's how much i care.

The Batman/Joker sequence was cool, though.
I really liked it. I'm looking forward to most of these storylines. Barry Allen coming back is no surprise, everyone and their mother pretty much knew already. It's better he comes back now than as the leader of the Black Lanterns... :shock:

The best part was the Green Lantern spread. Black Hand, mother****ers. Mongul. In Blackest Night is going to be so awesome.
NRAMA: So are we talking about Barry Allen?

DD: All I can say is that it looks like someone DC fans may know and who has definite ties to a major event which occurred within Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Most people are drawing the conclusion that it is Barry, but like Grant and Geoff, I'm not at liberty to reveal, because all the whats, hows and whos are played out in Final Crisis. But I will say that, in his storytelling, Geoff has alluded to the fact that Barry will return three times in Wally's life when things are most dire. You know what? Things aren't going to get that much more dire than we see then in Final Crisis.

For this to be the Final Crisis story that will help to define and refocus the DC Universe, I've always felt that Flash is an integral character and one of the primary characters of the DC Universe, and it's important to have the Flash front and center.

It's gonna be Barry. I know everyone always says it's gonna be barry, but this time it's gotta be.

That last page was awsome though. It was only the second time I looked at it I noticed the sky was red, and it was just the flash logo. Flipping awsome. Also referenced in the earlier narrative "when the skies drip red as the barriers between parallel universes bleed"

I loved the colour spectrum spread, and the batman scene. Also I liked how they put the advert for each series in the appropriate places. And so there weren't any real distractions as you were reading.

Thought the 300 spartans was uncalled for, and didn't really get the splash with the spectre and the antimonitor. or what the spectres up to this time.

Also back to the flash. I'm think that's him as the yellow line/ split on the first page. like the monster that falls from the sky at the end of cloverfield. Read that first page again - It's written cleverly to make you tihnk that it's the DCU that's talking to you, but actually it's the flash all along.

It's got me interested, I'm probably gonna follow all these titles, 'cept for WW and maybe Spectre.

Also I thought the whiteboard was funny....they know that people will enter all that crap into wikipedia
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