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Mar 21, 2021
There has been something that has bothered me since I have seen Batman in recent movies. I feel as though the essence is lacking in his on-screen appearances. There lacks the depth to his character. We all know his qualifications and for goodness sake, we know his backstory! I am waiting for him to be portrayed as the capable, strong, calculating, and genius-level intellectual that he is. The dark knight trilogy reached for this but I did not feel the speed and strength that Batman possesses. His fighting was clunky and there was only one short scene where we got to see his knowledge of detective techniques. And Batfleck was only good for the warehouse scene where we see him take on a buttload of baddies and overcomes all of them but even then he was clearly killing everyone there (against what Batman stands for)...although I have watched that scene many times, it is B.A. If anyone agrees tell me what you think the on-screen Batman is missing for you or if you don't agree tell me why I'm wrong...
Batman has a newfound hope after BVS. He doesn't kill, I believe. Ben Affleck is a beast of a Batman. Best suit, best action, one of the better voices, most intimidating, and he certainly isn't lacking intelligence.

The Knightmare must have broke his spirit, seeing as he kills again. To be fair, that's only a potential timeline.
I would have to fully agree. I think the original Batman movie from 89 actually captured the feel of a Batman comic the closest. I would say all super hero movies are lacking which is why I don't watch them. The character we know from the comics will likely never be portrayed as what it fully is. A movie is just an excuse for Hollywood to dress up some idiot and film him do fake karate stunts. It would take extensive work and changes to get where they should be in my opinion.

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