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[12:12] Tim: Joy
[12:12] Brian: Hm?
[12:12] Tim: The official announcement of Dead Rising 2
[12:12] Brian: Oh ho.
[12:13] Tim: No shopping mall this time, instead it takes place in the "gambling paradise of Fortune City"
[12:14] Tim: No Frank West either. He's probably off covering wars, you know.
[12:14] Brian: That's what he does.
[12:14] Brian: So many wars, he's covered them all.
[12:14] Tim: They have to be covered, and that's what Frank West does.
[12:14] Brian: They have wars so he can cover them.
[12:15] Tim: They call him up and ask if his schedule is free. If they throw a War, can he cover it? He answers yes.
[12:15] Brian: That's the real reason for Iraq War 2. He had nothing to do that weekend. That mother****er.
[12:16] Tim: If a War happens in the woods, and Frank West isn't there to cover it... did the War really happen?
[12:16] Brian: I don't see how.
"We're working on a setting which I think will be even more impressive than the mall from Dead Rising," said Inafune. "We are creating a casino-themed setting for our game. We want to see what happens when zombies are set loose on this adult playground."

Inafune would not expand on whether the setting would resemble famed casino towns like Las Vegas or Reno. He just wanted his confirmation of the gambling mecca setting to percolate amongst Dead Rising's fanbase.

Inafune also took special care to discuss Capcom's decision to turn the development of Dead Rising 2 over to a Western developer, Blue Castle Games. As soon as the first game wrapped, Capcom started thinking about the sequel and made the decision to go shopping for Western developers. The choice was due to Inafune recognizing "certain limitations that we ran into simply because we came at the game from a single Japanese perspective."

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This will be great.
Dead Rising 2 Update
Chuck takes over where Frank left off.

f you saw the first Dead Rising 2 trailer and found yourself thinking, "How come Frank's hair is blond," here's the reason. The character you were looking at wasn't the original's Frank West, but the all new hero for the sequel. And his name is...

[drum roll]

Chuck Greene.

[drums roll stops... silence.]

Weekly Famitsu got the scoop on Chuck and more in its latest issue.

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Glad to see an update. So chuck's new job = replacing Frank's photos? :( The photos was one of my favourite things in Dead rising

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