1. Void.M

    Twisted Metal (2012) It's good to be back indeed! The game comes out on Valentines day, can't wait!
  2. SSJmole

    inFAMOUS 2

    from can you say "Oh hell yeah!" The first one was awesome.
  3. Ice

    I Am Alive.

    Sounds like a very good game. It' an action/survival game that takes place in an post-apocalyptic Chicago that's caused by a massive earthquake. No release date yet.
  4. T_Montalbano

    Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer F.A.Q.

    Heavy Rain INFORMATION Heavy Rain is a PlayStation 3 video game developed by French studio, Quantic Dream. The game was directed by Quantic Dream's founder and CEO David Cage, who also wrote and directed the studio's two previous games, The Nomad Soul and Fahrenheit. SCHEDULED RELEASE DATES...
  5. SSJmole

    Dead rising 2 Yay! the sequel is on ps3. I had one when I had a 360 and I LOVED that game. I'll be getting 2 for sure.
  6. SSJmole

    Free Realms

    Trailer CES 09: Developer Walkthrough Pt. 1 CES 09: Developer Walkthrough Pt. 2 Looks pretty cool. If you have kids they can play it, If your...
  7. SSJmole


    There was a thread for this game but it's disappeared and I don't know why. But here is a new "documentry" about sackboy :lol::lol: This game looks like it'll be good
  8. SSJmole


    Couldn't find a thread for this but with what this is about there really should be one here. Screen shots : More Videos : Trailer - Game play -...
  9. Gemini

    God of War 3 discussion

    Much like on the back of God of War 2's Instruction booklet where the first announcement of the PSP game God of War: Chains of Olympus was found, the Instruction booklet for God of War: Chains of Olympus has the first official announcement of God of War 3 Now the Coming Soon could imply...
  10. thee great one

    Heavenly Sword

    I've been looking up new video games today and found this. This game looks really promising and looks like just a Goddess Of War... Wiki Trailers
  11. comic_geek21

    PS3 Discussion

    Well, Sony's press conference has come and gone, and boy was it something. It's official boys and girls. PS3 will hit North America on November 17. There will be two different packages for it. One will come with a 20GB Hardrive and cost $499, and the other will come with a 60GB hardrive and...