Del Toro's (Possible) Justice League Dark Movie.


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Jul 24, 2004
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Del Toro Confirms JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Movie In Development

"Guillermo Del Toro confirmed to IGN yesterday that his Justice League Dark-like film is real and in early stages of development. The movie, under the Justice League-less working title of Dark Universe at Warner Bros, even has a tentative writer, who the director says is "perfect," although that identity remains secret."

Though before anyone gets too excited:

"He was quick to note, however, "we don't know if it will happen, we don't know until they green light the movie." His enthusiasm for the source material showed in the interview, talking about his childhood love for the characters."
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JLA Dark. Heaven sent.

Its American Gothic man!

Being done by one of the best horror directors working.

I'm over hyped on this project and its not even official yet!

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