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  1. C

    Black Canary Comics Recommendations

    What Black Canary comics do you recommend I read?
  2. Ice

    Del Toro's (Possible) Justice League Dark Movie.

    Del Toro Confirms JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Movie In Development "Guillermo Del Toro confirmed to IGN yesterday that his Justice League Dark-like film is real and in early stages of development. The movie, under the Justice League-less working title of Dark Universe at Warner Bros, even has a...
  3. Ice

    A 'New 52' designed Justice League Show?

    Eric Guzman Designing An Animated New 52 Justice League
  4. T

    Justice League Movie

    With the success of the Avengers, it seems obvious that WB will make a Justice League movie to try and repeat the Avenger's success. With that in mind, what should they do and what should they avoid with a JLA film? What do you think the story should be about and who should they cast?
  5. Ice

    A Justice League movie directed by Ben Affleck?

    Time for a new poll. WB is reportedly seeking Ben Affleck to direct a possible JLA movie. How do you think that would go? Good? Bad? Be aware that Affleck has directed three major Hollywood pics (Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and the upcoming Argo movie). Vote, post, have fun.
  6. SSJmole

    LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

    from http://uk.ps3.ign.com/articles/121/1215801p1.html Also :lol::lol::lol: at a comment on there : Sooooo true
  7. ProjectX2

    The New 52 general discussion

    I thought we should have a general discussion thread for the new 52 titles which we can then split off into separate threads for each title depending on how much discussion there actually is. Quick thoughts: Action Comics #1 is a completely different Superman written by a completely different...
  8. Ultimate Houde

    Justice League - The New 52 (Geoff Johns) (spoilers)

    Justice League (The New 52 Version) Spoilers I found an advanced copy of this online. I found it boring. It's like I'm rewitnessing (Is that a word) origins of these characters all over again. It's so annoying that we have to go over this once again. Green Lantern not knowing Batman was...
  9. Langsta

    Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

    DC's next animated DTV feature: The movie is based somewhat by Grant Morrison's JLA: Earth 2 story. James Woods is doing the voice of Owlman and Gina Torres (Zoe Washburne from Firefly) is doing the voice of Super Woman. I don't know why, but they're changing voice actors for Superman and...
  10. Friday

    JLA: New Frontier

    Figured I'd give it a thread of its own since theres some more solid info on it. DVD information HERE Cast information HERE My two bits: My god does it look good. New Frontier is a must own for any comic fan. The Absolute especially. I can't wait until I can watch the movie with...
  11. Victor Von Doom

    Bruce Timm Universe Adoration Thread

    So I made this thread because I have no doubt that it will grow far beyond the JLU thread. Plus...this is about Timm's work in general and not just JL or JLU. I :heart: Bruce Timm's cartoons so much. I seriously don't think you people understand how much I love them. If the world was to...
  12. Ice

    Justice League: To the silver screen!

    From Newsarama: Click the link to read the rest.
  13. bluebeast

    JLA series discussion (spoilers)

    Even though the series is a few months a way and I couldn't find any other threds for this I decided to put this up for speculation on the new Justice League team by Brad Meltzer and Ed Benes. The second cover athttp://www.newsarama.com/dcnew/Sept06/solicitations.htmlshows a silouet of all of...
  14. Random

    The Timmsverse is officially dead...

    The Legion of Superheroes R.I.P. DCAU....:cry:
  15. thee great one

    JLA Series Discussion *Spoilers*

    I don't think there is a thread for this. If there is feel free to merge it. I downloaded the first 50 issues of the new series today. I read the first arc with the Hyperclan. Here's my thoughts along with other arcs I've read. Hyperclan (1-4) This was a fun arc. Not as good as Bass made it...
  16. thee great one

    Justice League Unlimited

    Does anybody else watch this show. It my favorite of the comic shows. I just downloaded the first 2 episodes of the new season, "Double Date" (With the Huntress) & "Task Force X" (With the Suicude Squad). I'm also in the progess of downloading the next two. This episode have already been shown...