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May 23, 2005
North of the equator
Just got a new joypad for my computer for Christmas, so I've been doing a little retro-gaming. Anybody here a fan? I've got fond, fond memories of playing the original as a young 'un, and now I discover I'm also pretty kick-*** at Descent 2 (D2X) as an adult.

Seriously, anybody who hasn't played this should give it a play.
I have played both Descent and Descent 2 but I'm not really a great fan of them even though they are REALLY good games. Another game you could try if you like them is Velocity which is really similar.
Descent is fantastic.

Descent 3 is even better, so long as you're willing to get over the fact that there are less tunnels and mine shafts, and more open environments. It also wins points for having the best ever marketing line to tout its multiplayer functions: "Reach out and crush someone."

Also, the trailer for the game is attached to the install program of several Black Isle RPGs I own, so I never tire of saying, "And make your friends SUFFER."

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