does anyone read udon comics (darkstalkers or street fighter?)

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does anyone read the above mentioned titles? i do and they are both good with amazing art I think that Udon does an amazing job with it. Unfortunately many people have left the company and they have a very limited staff. Also their sales are around the 20k mark. I was wanting to know if any of you read it and to please keep buying it to show support for the books


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I read Street Fighters II, whenever issues actually get released.

Darkstalkers, I only have the first 5 issues. I want more. :(


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yeah i pick up the trades for the street fighter ones. i really love what they r doing with street fighter but havent read any of street fighter 2 yet. i can only imagine it is still of high quality

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Street Fighter II....

But I'm looking for all the issues for Street Fighter Alpha and I guess I can look into Dark Stalkers.

So if anyone has any of the Street Fighter Alpha issues......I'll buy 'em.

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Doom do you mean the comics released by udon? Udon dosen't do a street fighter alpha comic if that is what you mean. They do street fighter which has become street fighter II
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