Doom - armor or metal skin?

Doom - armor or metal skin?

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The issue overall was good. But is the metal on Doom actually his skin here? I always wondered that since issue #7.

You know, someone else asked me if I thought we'd see Doom without his armor, and it surprised me. I never thought it was armor; I mean, in issue 7 we see his skin peeling off and his new skin - the metal - underneath. It seemed obvious to me. What did everyone else think?
I got the same impression. Especially when one of the robots points it's stinger on his finger,(that sounds funny) he says he feels no pain. I like this better. I wouldn't want Doom to resemble Iron Man too much.
Yeah, Doom was in the same accident as the F4. All of their body's were changed to represent the elements, and metal is considered an element in China (or somewhere). Perfectly logical ultimization, in my opinion.
Yup, that isn't armor at all. The skin literally fell off of his body...

Funny because that's not what happened to the Thing... Seems we have more to look into about this whole thing, don't we?
Yeah, that would be pretty odd.

But, really, I'm thinking that the N-Zone chose these powers for these particular people. Like, it knew that these particular powers would fit for someone... I dunno, it's difficult to explain, but there is a reason for the Four getting the powers they got and same goes for Doom.
Interesting little concept there. I'm hoping that there are some interesting looking alterations to these heroes. Human Torch, especially.
Wow, I never thought of the N-Zone choosing the powers. That's an intresting concept.

But that's what happened! :p
Aside from Victor's skin peelingoff of the the metal, the strange horse-like legs pretty much answer the question.
Deffinatly Metal skin, though at first I assumed that what he was pulling off was something along the line of rubber skin he was trying to use to pass for normal.

As for the N-Zone giving them powers that fit themselves, it's an intresting idea, though it would imply a level of reason to an aspect of existance. What I would love to have happened is for a resident of the Zone to have been pursuing a similar line of research on the other side, and have came acrossed Reeds investigations. This N-Scientist could have tampered with thier entry to the zone, and thier return to earth. If this is something along the lines of what heppened the upcoming arc exploring the Zone would have alot more places to go than just them discovering fantastic places.
Baxter - nice theory (and welcome to the site!)!
So when he talks, he cant move his mouth right?

And with his fingers now claws, he can easily kill someone. Just like he did to the american guy in issue #10.

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