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Nov 11, 2005
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Come one, come all!!! Welcome to the first edition of Dr. Draco Presents. In this month's issue, we learn of an odd superhero wannabe in "The Projectionist". If you want to know more about it before reading, check out the Solicitation Thread :p.

So without any further ado...

Dr. Draco Presents:
(If you've ever heard anything more original, you're lying.)

#1 The Projectionist

Dawn. The time of the day where the world wakes up for another mundane day of 9-5 number crunching, coffee serving, cleaning, or whatever the hell else people do for a living.

For me, dawn let's me know my day is almost done. While the people get their morning cups of coffee or tea, I'm wandering the streets, saving their butts from the thugs that would like nothing better than to have their way with the unsuspecting secretary or mug the accountant heading to work.

It's easy enough to take out these thugs before they strike. No matter how many times I nab some ruffian, the idiots always congregate at the same joints. You'd think they'd learn eventually, but they don't. Luckily, crime in Wheelston isn't organized enough for smart-thinking crooks.

At least, that's what I keep telling myself. I've stopped more and more thugs in this past week than I did in the last year. I don't like this trend. This morning is quiet, however, so I pack up and go to my studio apartment for some sleep before I get to my "real-world" job.



I smash the alarm clock. It reads 2:30, but how can that be? It was 9:00 just a few minutes ago. Maybe I'm just working too hard, who knows.

I get up and look in the mirror. My face has a small scar on the left side of my lip. Some Jet Li wannabe thought a knife across the mouth would make me run. He's fertilizing wheat fields now. The scar is slightly covered by my four-day shadow. Shaving's a pain in the neck, and I only do it about once a week.

My black hair is starting to recede, and I notice a few grays in my sideburns this afternoon. Now this really ticks me off. I'm not even thirty yet, and I look like I could've graduated high school in the 80s. Aside from that, I do find myself attractive, and the various ladies I find myself with don't seem to disagree. Perks of the vigilante gig, I'd say.

So I take a quick shower, don my suit, and head to work. I'm a projectionist at Wheelston Park 20, one of the bigger theaters in town. And in case you didn't know, that little number at the end of the name is the number of screens our theater has. You wouldn't believe some of the dumb question and remarks I've heard concerning that one little thing. Makes me glad I am just a projectionist sometimes. If I actually had to deal with the customer base on a regular basis, I wouldn't be doing the little hero gig I do.

I get to the theater, and say hi to some of the employees (not many stick around longer than 6 months or so, but those that stay I know) and make a bee-line to Donna, my boss and ex-fiancée. I say ex, because once I started fighting crime, she dropped me like yesterday's news. It wasn't because I fought crime (she doesn't know about that), but apparently sometime after I got into that she claimed I "had no time for her." She was right of course, but still, it eats at me. I spent 500 bucks on her ring and she won't give it back, the gold-digger.

"So Donna," I say as I come up to the guest service desk, "How about you give me that ring back."

She gets annoyed, nothing new there, "Luther," that would be my name incase that didn't come off clear enough for you, never can tell with people these days, don't catch the obvious, "How many times do I have to say no? You gave it to me as a gift, you ain't getting it back." Oh, and the last name's Gregson, because I know you care.

"Dangit woman! It's an engagement ring. We're no longer engaged. How hard is it to figure that out?"

"You ain't getting it back, end of story," Donna says, apparently done speaking. She hands me my show-time schedule and turns back to the computer.

My patience is really wearing thin now, but whatever, I've got movies to start. We got a bunch of crap films like Ultra-Violet, Shaggy Dog, Aquamarine, and Date Movie. We also got a re-release of Crash, apparently it won Best Picture or some such crap. It makes no sense to show it again, considering it's been on DVD for about four months now. I'll never figure out Hollywood.

The night goes by fairly fast. None of the films break or anything like that. You know, most people think our films are digital or on video-cassette or something. Those people are morons. Only a small percentage of theaters in the country have digital screens, and those theaters only have one (two if it's in LA or NYC or something) screen that can show digital flicks. We still get films the good old fashioned way these days: multiple reels of 35mm film.


When my shift ends, it's about 1 in the morning: time to change for job number two. I head toward a nearby ally and strip off my clothes, revealing my crime-fighting suit beneath.

The suit's nothing really fancy: pretty much black jeans, a black long-sleeved t-shirt, and a black ski-mask. The only thing remarkable about the get-up is a picture of white film reel on the front of my shirt.

I have a small arsenal of weapons, too. My two fists (of course), a couple of revolvers, some hunting knives, and 2 feet of film. Why film? Well, if you knew how strong theatrical film is, you wouldn't have to ask that question. Anyhow, it's strong, strong enough that you could hang a man with it if you need too. It can be a bit unwieldy, but is handy in a pinch.

Time to go.

It doesn't take long to find my first targets, a couple of gang-bangers looking to break into some retail store. That's the third time this week some idiot has tried to pop this store. Like I said, they never learn.

Silently, I move behind the nearest one. I slip out one of my hunting knives and stab him through the spine. He screams and shakes about, but soon enough he falls, twitching on the ground.

I reach down to pull out my knife. Stuck. Well, no matter, I've got another. I grab my other knife as twitching guy's partner aims his gun at me. Too bad he's slow and shaky, his shot goes wide. Without even blinking, I launch my knife into this guy's wrist. He drops the gun.

"Who… Who are you?" The guy asks. Honestly, I never get tired of this question, even if my reputation should be spreading by now.

Nonchalantly, I walk up to the guy and pull the knife out of his wrist, "Who am I? Well, that's simple. The name's Drive-In, as in I'm gonna drive this knife into your baby maker!"

Cheesy? Sure, but I love saying it. And the look on the guy's face once he realizes what I meant is just classic. I drive the knife where the sun don't shine and leave it there. I walk over to the guy I gave the impromptu spinal tap and manage to wedge my knife out. One last spasm and the guy is dead. Then I walk back to the other guy and finish the job. I clean my knives and move on to the next bit of business.

No one will forget the Drive-In.


Is this the last we've heard of Luther and his alter-ego Drive-In? I wouldn't bet on it. However, Luther won't be the focus for next month's short story. I have something a little... different in mind... :twisted:
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Loved it. Write more. Now.

Drive-In.... as I'm going to drive this knife in to your baby maker... Ha!
Bass said:
I'll be reading this when I've got time.
Pandrio said:
What, it'll take you guys like 10 minutes, tops... :p j/k. Whenever you get around to it :).

marvelman said:
Loved it. Write more. Now.

Drive-In.... as I'm going to drive this knife in to your baby maker... Ha!

Glad you liked it :). The next story won't have anything to do with Drive-In, but I'm already working on his next escapade (which will be a bit longer than this first one).

My next story, which is nearing completion is a bit more serious and I'm really proud of how it's turning out. I'll have solicit for it up around the end of the month.
Wow, this is awesome. I'm liking the idea of a different character each chapter.
Just read it.

Drive-In's a psycho.

But I think it'd be fun to see a detective hunt him down. With film stock being used, the detective would quickly realise that Drive-In must have access to uselss film stock, which would help him find Luther. That'd fun, I'd think.

Nice job, Doc!
Bass said:
Just read it.
Took you long enough... :p :wink:

Drive-In's a psycho.
There's actually a reason for that. Too bad for you that I won't say what it is until I decide to throw in a flashback for him ;).

But I think it'd be fun to see a detective hunt him down. With film stock being used, the detective would quickly realise that Drive-In must have access to uselss film stock, which would help him find Luther. That'd fun, I'd think.
Neat idea. Might have something like that in the future, who knows.

Nice job, Doc!
Thanks :). Hopefully this month's doesn't disappoint, because it's gonna have absolutely nothing to do with Drive-In. Only thing that will link them is the location: Wheelston.

Only 6 more days until the next installment.
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This was really good! I like how Drive-In is kinda like Punisher-meets-the Adam West version of Batman, stone cold killer with themed weaponry, and a cheesy name.:D
Dr_Draco said:
Hopefully this month's doesn't disappoint, because it's gonna have absolutely nothing to do with Drive-In. Only thing that will link them is the location: Wheelston.

Only 6 more days until the next installment.
Looking forward to it.
As promised, here's the next installment of Dr. Draco Presents.

Dr. Draco Presents:
(The most ingenious title... ever.)

#2 Superhero Dreams

Justin Fields had his twelfth birthday today. He got presents, had his friends, and most importantly, had a blast. It wasn't long until his parents brought out his cake.

"Make a wish," his mom told him.

The wish, an age-old tradition, yet rarely the wishes come true. Justin knew as much. Every year, he'd wish for the same thing, and it hasn't happened yet. But the boy was ever persistent, and he made his wish.

I wish I was a superhero.

The next morning, Justin woke up and he was still the same person. No super-speed, no super-strength, no super-lighting… nothing. Oh well, Justin thought to himself, already thinking about next year.

"Justin, c'mon!" his mom called, "You'll be late for school if you don't hurry up!"

"Ok, mom. I'm comin', jeez."

He put on his favorite shirt: a blue t-shirt, with a giant tornado across it. This was symbol of Whirlwind, his favorite super-hero. Soon he was ready, and he found his mom in a rush.

"It's about time, mister," she exclaimed, "If you're late again…"

She didn't finish. Instead, she grabbed Justin's arm, practically dragging him to the car. It wasn't long before they sped down the road towards the school. Justin stared out the window, daydreaming about the different superpowers he'd like to have someday. He still had hope that he'd get a superpower one day.

He soon snapped out of the daydream, due to his mother's screams of pain. A car t-boned theirs, and his mother had her arm smashed in the door. "Mom!" Justin yelled, "Mommy!!"

His seatbelt ripped, Justin tore off the roof of the family car and got his mom out, flying to the curb. It wasn't long before the car exploded. The explosion filled the sky with smoke and debris. Ambulances and fire-rescue vehicles were all over the scene.

Justin, however, was amazed to learn that he saved his mom. Saved her with superpowers! He saw the EMTs help his mom into an ambulance. He also got in.

"Did you see it, mom? Did you?" Justin asked with loads of excitement.

"Yes I did, son," She answered, "I did, and I'm so proud of you."


Days later, Justin began testing out his newfound abilities. He flies around his neighborhood, lifts cars at random, and even helps an old lady bring in a new entertainment system into her home. Justin was pleased with his abilities.

That night, he decided that he would fight crime like a real hero. He had no costume, but he did have his Whirlwind t-shirt as well as a Whirlwind Halloween mask. Knowing he needed a name, Justin decided to call himself Dust Devil, as homage to his hero Whirlwind. Putting those on, he snuck out of the house and flew into the city. It isn't long before he found some crime to stop.

He lands near a pair of men harassing a woman on her way home.

"Hey baby," one of the thugs taunts, "You ain't goin' nowhere till we have our fun."

"You tell her, Earl," the other brute said, "Ain't had a woman like this in a while. Nice, young thing there."

"Yeah you said it," Earl replied.

"No, please," the woman begged, "I did nothing wrong. I'm just going back to my dorm. Please don't."

"Heh, you hear that Bob? She ain't done nothin' wrong," Earl smiled, "Well missy, you may not have done anything wrong, but we sure as hell are about too, and we're gonna enjoy every second."

"STOP FOUL VILLAINS!" Justin warned the two thugs, "The Dust Devil has come to defeat you!"

"Get a load of that sucker, Earl."

"Yeah, he's just some dumb kid. Get him!"

The thugs rush Justin, now calling himself the Dust Devil, and Earl throws a punch his way. Dust Devil easily dodges, and grabs Earl by his collar. He lifts him into the air and throws him across the alley. Earl smashes into a wall and goes out cold.

Bob, seeing the damage done to his partner-in-crime, tries to run for it. Dust Devil will have none of that, however, and catches the thug. He throws him on top of Earl. Bob goes out like a light, as well.

"Ma'am, are you injured?" Dust Devil inquires.

The woman smiles, "Thanks to you, I'm not. Thank you Dust Devil, you're my hero."

"All in a days work, ma'am," he humbly responds, "You'd best call 911, and have the police deal with these thugs. When they wake up, they won't be happy," he takes flight, "Remember, the Dust Devil is friend to all citizens."


Three years go by.

"So we meet again, Dust Devil," a liquid humanoid announces, "Your efforts will do you no good against Sir Hydro. I now have the power to defeat you!"

"Words are nothing, Hydro. Feel the wrath of Dust Devil."

A long battle ensues, and soon Dust Devil emerges the victor. Sir Hydro is again sent to prison.

"This is not the last you've seen of me Dust Devil! Mark my words…"


Four more years pass. Crime has gone down considerably since the Dust Devil emerged. However, the criminals are more and more often of the super-villain persuasion. He's fought many powerful foes and won. Even his arch-nemesis, Sir Hydro, was recently sent to a special prison (again) for the rest of his years.

Dust Devil has forgotten his true name. He never used the name Justin since his first battle. The weeks have been quiet, but an evil is stirring, and the Dust Devil can sense it. Peace never lasts long.

It's only a matter of days before the true threat makes itself known. Spaceships begin to enter the atmosphere and rain fire upon the city. Dust Devil responds immediately to the alien attack.

"Foul beasts, they will harm my home no more!" Dust Devil tells himself.

With punches alone, he destroys one ship. He then destroys a second and then a third. By the fourth, however, the aliens have directed their focus upon Dust Devil. Sensing the danger, Dust Devil smashes into the fourth ship. He beats down many of the blob-like aliens on his way to the ship's main deck.

He moves too fast, and with too little care. As he nears the deck, a pendulum-scythe swings down and slams into his spine. Dust Devil feels the life drain out of him. He dies on the alien ship, unable to save his city.



"No, doctor, please, save my baby," a mother cries in horror, "Save my Justin."

"Ma'am, please," the doctor orders, "We need to tend to him, please wait outside."

He had been in a coma since the fateful car crash the day after his twelfth birthday. Seven years he was comatose, but even with all the best efforts of the doctors, Justin passes away.

Dust Devil was only a dream.


Needless to say, I doubt there will be any sequals to this one. I hope you guys enjoyed it, because I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Anyhow, next month is the return of Drive-In!! *insert dramatic music here* This next adventure will be bigger than his first foray. It will have everything from more rants, more of his hatred of customers, bratty kids (the worst nightmare of any theater employee and/or patron), a psycho-killer, and he'll even use his film stock in a fight.

Be there or be square for Drive-In's return in "The Fire Alarm". Coming May 8th.
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That was awesome. I was going to complain about the seemingly shifting tenses, but the ending countered that. :rockon:
I saw some sort of twist coming, but I wasn't sure what it was until the very end there. Once again a great story. The return of Drive-In sounds good too.
Iceshadow said:
I really liked the twist at the end of this latest installment, poor D.D.
Thanks :).

ProjectX2 said:
That was awesome. I was going to complain about the seemingly shifting tenses, but the ending countered that. :rockon:
Yeah, I have a problem with the tenses thing sometimes. I never notice them either until someone points it out. Kinda weird, lol.

Glad you liked it, though 8) .

Pandrio said:
I saw some sort of twist coming, but I wasn't sure what it was until the very end there. Once again a great story. The return of Drive-In sounds good too.
Oh, so you didn't figure it out before the reveal? HA! I did a better job than the writers of Lucky Number Slevin! :p (Actually, Lucky Number Slevin is a good movie, it's just too easy to figure out the twist.)

I think I've decided on a pattern for the stories. The Drive-In stuff will be the premiere feature if you will, and in between I'll have other stories that may or may not link in with the Drive-In character.
Well, guys... Looks like the next story is going to be pushed back a week and won't be out until the 15th.

My artist, Brian Hitch-Wannabe, needs the extra time to make sure everything is perfect.

In all seriousness, it's gonna take me longer because I'm having some minor issues on the ending. That, and I'm actually halfway done with the story that will come out after "The Fire Alarm", hehe. But I swear, it won't be pushed back beyond the 15th.
Yeah, it should be up before the end of the month. Just been pretty busy with the summer movie season starting to kick in. So about the tardiness :oops: .

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