Dragon Age II

Oh man, I need to finish the first Dragon Age! I am playing through as the ugliest hairiest dwarf I could possibly muster... but he is a total bad ass in his Blood Dragon Armor.
Bleh, kinda weak. I enjoyed the multiple origins and races.
I still haven't had a chance to check out Dragon Age.

Maybe the focus on a decade's worth of story will be a suitable replacement for the origins?
I hate the one origin thing. It defeats the purpose.
Yeah it's Bioware... I trust they have a vision here and knowing Dragon Age and Mass Effect there will be plenty of choice.
Pretty much all of the things they addressed -- having a better graphic style, new combat controls, etc. -- take care of the issues I had with the first one. I didn't like how you could play as all the people in your party, either. I know that sticking to one character changes the game, but I think it will do something positive for the series rather than negative. I never finished the first because there was too much about leveling I did not understand and if they simplify that in someways (which I think focusing on one character will do) I'm on board. I'll pay attention to this to see if I'm on going to buy, rent, or do neither.
A couple details from my issue of GameInformer:

-The first few levels detail Hawke's escape from Lothering. This happens during the events of the first game, so you'll get to see some of what happened from a different perspective.

-Flemeth and Morrigan will return

-The narrative (at least in the demo and opening levels) is in structured as a story being told after the events of the game. A seeker from the Chantry, wanting to stop a war, meets with a dwarf named Varric to ask how Hawke escaped Lothering. Varric tells her story, but is only telling her what she wants to hear a la Keyser Soze, while the real story is seen from your perspective .

-The reason for the decade apart between games is to make the story about Thedas rather then a specific character. (They mentioned Mass Effect as a counter-example, how the whole thing revolves around Commander Shepard.)

-More specialiizations for classes

-They're not doing that thing where companions gain or lose approval for every little detail.

-The Darkspawn are still around, though they're not as big a threat as before.

-The driving force behind the story is how Hawke came to escape Lothering, travel to the Free Marches, and become the Champion of Kirkwall.
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I bought the first game last week and I can't put it down.

After reading an article in Game Informer I'm probably going to end up buying this one as well.

Hey, isn't that the pirate chick?
I pre-ordered the Bioware Signature Edition last week. Pretty good deal, they include a bunch of loot and an extra playable character (like Shale in DAO or Zaeed in ME2) for the standard $60. Can't wait for this one.

And I don't think its the same pirate chick from the first one...I could be wrong, though.
Every time I watch the trailer, I love how the "frill" of the dragon's wings are the silhouettes of people, at the end.

Plus... girlHawke = hawt

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And I don't think its the same pirate chick from the first one...I could be wrong, though.

Isabella? That is her, they changed her look though.

Btw, if you buy Dead Space 2, you get a code for "Ser Isaacs armor" for Dragon Age 2.
A demo is coming out next week and it includes a sword one can use in the actual game once you complete the demo.

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