Dream Editor Round Three: Mystic Marvel


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Jan 31, 2006
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Neither Marvel or DC can get their magic game together. Doc Strange can't hold an ongoing. Bro Voodoo just got canceled. A bunch of Universal monsters are hanging out with the Punisher, but who cares? So here's the idea. Fix the magic and/or monster characters of the universe. Bring a little magic back. Maybe go the Vertigo route, maybe slowly work on building the line like Abnett and Lanning did with cosmic Marvel. Either way, make magic Marvel a feasible editorial line.

Standard rules, conditions, and fees apply. Not valid in CT or MI.

Round ends midnight on the 23rd, but as ever, we'll probably drag it on a little longer. Good luck, sexyboots.
I was just thinking this morning how awesome this would be as a round. I think I can fire this one off quicker (hopefully).
Marvel Comics Presents: Nexus Quest

Premise: The mystical line of comics has been in shambles recently. Never since the golden age of Vertigo has the magical route been exploited to the fullest and the House of Ideas is fixing to change this. The best route to take in the new Heroic Age for the mystical side of Marvel would be what they did with Annihilation. Take several low key mystic heroes and gather them together to fight in a war that decides the fate of the world, which would lead into several ongoing series and team books based on these characters. The series that starts it all would be the Nexus Quest.


Nexus Prologue-
After Doctor Strange relinquished his title of Sorcerer Supreme the magical world was thrown into chaos and everything changed. With a void left in the magical world dark beings across existence have conspired to take Earth-realm for themselves. The first of the mystical heroes to be taken is Captain Britain, beaten to death by a foe unknown. Britain sends out his Amulet of Right to recruit his greatest teammates, Excalibur. With Excalibur knowing the true threat to the danger of the world the rest of the mystical beings on Earth brace for doom.

Nexus: Strange
The first of four, four issue miniseries follows Stephen Strange as he continues to find his place in the world. Stephen is met by his old enemy Baron Mordo from the dead, who severely beats him accusing him of abandoning his post in the worst of times. Mordo tasks Strange with finding the only person powerful enough to destroy whoever is the cause of the mystical problems in the universe. Stephen undergoes a search with his friends Wong, Clea and the young hero Wiccan to find this individual. After braving many trials the quartet find the only person powerful enough to stop what is coming through the Nexus: the Scarlet Witch. It is revealed that Mordo was recruiting his own assistants to brave the coming battle.

Nexus: Excalibur
When the Amulet of Right is sent out by Captain Britain his old friends form a new Excalibur. Led by Nightcrawler, the heroes consist of Colossus, Magik, Psylocke, Daytripper, Union Jack, Saturnyne and Shinobi Shaw. Excalibur tracks down the killer of Captain Britain only to find that Mad Jim Jaspers has returned to wreak havoc on Earth, but is working for a higher power now. Battling the Fury, who was the one who killed Captain Britain, Excalibur defeats the monster and the title of Captain Britain is returned to Betsy Braddock. Jim Jaspers returns through the Nexus Gate that has been opened and bows before his unknown master.

Nexus: Doom
Victor Von Doom has been released from prison after the Siege ends and returns to Latveria, swearing off the superheroes forever. While in Latveria he is approached by the demon Dormammu and his apprentice the Hood. The two of them offer Doom a place amongst their leader and he declines saying that all he wants to rule is Latveria. Angered at Doom's spurning the two launch a mystical war against Latveria which leads the mystical agency MI-13 to get involved. Volunteering their services to Doom the agency and the monarch begin to prepare for an attack from the two demons and their horde.

Nexus: Ghost Rider
Johnny Blaze is on the rode continuing to find his destiny when he comes across the Scarecrow babbling about how Nightmare has been killed. Investigating Blaze finds that his successor Daniel Ketch has been drained of his mystical energy and left for dead. Johnny and Danny get pulled into an adventure that brings them up against Blackheart. Blackheart falls to the duo and a revived Carter Slade and tells them that his father is coming. The three Ghost Riders now move to stop Mephisto when he appears over Latveria along with Dormammu and the Hood.

Nexus Quest
Warren Ellis and Chris Bachalo
The Nexus Quest truly begins as the invasion of Latveria enhances greatly. Doctor Doom, the Latverian army and MI-13 battles the forces of Mephisto who threaten to release their god from the Nexus. Doctor Voodoo is pulled into the fray when Dormammu overtakes him, steals the Eye of Agamotto and releases their god into the world: Shuma-Gorath. As the superhero community is unable to break through the barrier that the villains have erected around Latveria only the heroes of the mystical community can get through. The combined might of Excalibur, the Ghost Riders and Dr. Strange and his group allows them to traverse the astral plane and enter Doom's castle. The combined forces of the heroes unite to attack Mephisto, Dormammu and Hood, who are releasing Shuma-Gorath. The conflict is ended when Johnny Blaze decapitates Mephisto and Wanda Maximoff drives Shuma-Gorath back into the Eye of Agamotto. After the events of the Nexus Quest the mystical community unites under Doctor Voodoo and Stephen Strange and sends Dormammu and Hood running.

Ghost Rider: Ride with the Devils
Jason Aaron and Mark Texeira
This series would detail three generations of Ghost Riders as they are on the run from Mephisto's followers who want revenge for their master. It would also show Danny Ketch's more mystical side while he helps the Ghost Riders Carter and Johnny.

Strange Tales
Warren Ellis and Trevor Hairsine
This is Doctor Strange's ongoing series as he attempts to train Wiccan into becoming the next Sorcerer Supreme after Doctor Voodoo. Scarlet Witch would also work her way to recovery before returning to the Avengers. The backup would consist of Doctor Voodoo's adventures as the Houngan Supreme.

Paul Cornell and Chris Bachalo
The heroes that Captain Britain recruited would continue their adventures as Britain's greatest superheroes. The backup would be about MI-13's adventures.
bluebeast said:
Strange Tales
Warren Ellis and Trevor Hairsine
This is Doctor Strange's ongoing series as he attempts to train Wiccan into becoming the next Sorcerer Supreme after Doctor Voodoo. Scarlet Witch would also work her way to recovery before returning to the Avengers. The backup would consist of Doctor Voodoo's adventures as the Houngan Supreme.


Holy. ****.

I had two ideas for books that expanded into something else, and I was thinking "Man. No one will ever come up with the same two awesome ideas as me."

A Strange/Wiccan Sorcerer's Apprentice thing was going to be my centerpiece. You. Bastard.

Well done though!
I gots an idea for a story/event that I really like.

I'm just not sure how I'm going to carve it into different titles yet though.
So I've only got one idea and I can't seem to drag it into a full line so I'm throwing it up for anyone else to use.

Doom's Defenders.

Yeah. The anti-team lead by Doom. That's seven shades of badass.
So, uh, this round was supposed to end Thursday but I keep forgetting to update it. Do we have any other entries or should we just jump into voting? For the, uh, one entry?

I also realized that me winning the last round was super unfair. It was a menage a trois tie up until someone cast a last vote, and since I didn't vote, it probably would have remained a two-way tie. So, I'm thinking of adding a new stipulation to the rules. You're only eligible to win if you cast a vote. Does that seem fair to everyone?
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I've got an ineligible entry in mind. It should be fun. My Strange Tales is similar to bluebeast's, along with an Elsa Bloodstone book, a Satanic Charlie's Angels, and a God Squad.
Marvel's magical characters need a fresh start, so I'm giving them one. It starts with a one shot, then some minis, then a full blown ongoing.

The Strange Tale of the Sorcerer Supreme - "It was a ruse Peter. I lied." - Dr. Strange.

Writer - Brian K Vaughn - yes, I'm pulling BKV out for this one shot. It serves a dual purpose of running down the status quo of both Dr. Strange, Brother Vodoo and Dr. Doom. It would use Spider-man as a prospective character since he both bumps sales and his limited interaction with Magic allows for some more natural exposition. Art would be handled by J.H. Williams III as I feel he's the only one who could pull off something in the vien of the classic Ditko Strange stories that this would need. In short its the death of Steven Strange. He's found on the doorstep of Peter Parker with about half his torso missing and proceeds to let Peter know that he's been the sorcerer Supreme the entire time but had been trying to groom Brother Vodoo for the role as if he had not Doom would gain the title. It ends with Strange's body dieing and his last words "They're free."

From that we'd launch 2 6 issue minis, one focusing on Brother Voodoo and the other on Dr. Doom.

Dooms Defenders - "oh god I'm on the Defenders..." - She-Hulk

Writer Matt Fraction with art by Ed McGuiness. Yes, I know we'd need to get McGuiness started up now to make it monthly a year from now.. he's got the over the top look I want for the book. The premise is doom is forced into leading a new incarnation of The Defenders made up of himself, Namor, Stardust and She-Hulk. Who pulled them together? Why none other than Dormamu. Why would he do this? Because he can't rule over 616 if it doesn't exist anymore. The Defenders are then sent to kill Dormmamu's sister who's name escapes me at the moment. We get the Defenders against her, Mindless Ones, and a special apperance by Captain Brittian his crew. Doom *****es, Namor is Namor, and She-Hulk points out the total absurdity of everything. It'd be a hoot.

Strange Tales- "I tried to prepare you as best I could" Dr. Strange

David Hine writng and art by Roy Allen Martinez. This is Voodoo's showcase book, showing his quest to become the Sorcerer Supreme. He's aided by the Incorporeal form of Dr. Strange who is left near powerless with the death of his body. Strange guides him across the world to various magical characters like Agitha Harkness, Baron Mordru, and Ghost Rider. The book is about a consolidation of power as there is a vague powerful threat coming that Strange refuses to talk about until Voodoo becomes the Sorcerer Supreme.

The Trials - "Steven never had to do this crap..." Brother Voodoo

Alternating issues between Fraction and Hine, and with art by Stuart Imnomen. The trials consist of brain, brawn and will, and are uinique to the taker. Both Doom and Voodoo bring the teams they've assembled along to assist them. I'll leave the details of the trials to the writers tho.

The Rise of the Sorcerer Supreme - "Pass on little ghost." Dormmamu

Written by David Hine, art by Alex Maleeve, this is Voodoo's true ascension to the title of Sorcerer Supreme. While Doom focused on raw power Voodoo focused on knowledge leading him to finish the tests elegantly. We loose Strange the Mentor here, who in his weakened state is unable to stop Dormmamu from dissipating him. For all intents this would be the true death of Dr. Strange, removing him from the toybox.

The Sorcerer Supreme - "Galactus is not the only survivor of the previous creation" - Dormmamu.

This is what we've been building up to for the last year. Written by David Hine (can you tell i think he should get a bite at the apple?) And with art by Stuart Imnomen (it needs someone who can do over the top and subtle, possibly both on the same page) its Voodoo leading the newest iteration of the defenders consisting of himself, Dormmamu, Namor (cause everythings better with Namor) and Stardust. What are they defending against? The Great Old Ones, the surviving gods of the previous creation that had been imprisioned in the Supermassive black hole at the center of the universe. Possible storylines include a crossover with the Cosmic titles (who else let them out but Thanos?) and the Sorcerer Squadron Supreme, a team up of Sorcerer Supremes from other realities.

So there we go. A real handoff instead of the I'm just not it anymore, a tour of the existing magical marvel minus Magik, and a credable threat that would be outside the realm of normal marvel superheroes. If that doesn't do it then they need to just put magic on the shelf.
So can we close this up and get to a new round?

If someone else could run the voting, that would be great. My internet is just inconsistent at the moment.

Oh, also...

Friday said:
and the Sorcerer Squadron Supreme, a team up of Sorcerer Supremes from other realities.

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Okay, so I hope my absence hasn't killed this game but here we go.

Round over. Two days to vote. New rule this round. You must vote to be eligible to win, but since there are only two entries, I'm just going to auto-cast a vote for the both of you guys to your competitor.

Two entries, bluebeast and Friday
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