Dream Movie #16: Whoa, That Looked Cool...


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Jun 16, 2005
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I am the Law:

1. The winner of this round becomes the moderator of the next round and gets to choose the subject for the next round. Winner may also declare whether it is animated or a live-action.

2. You may use actors who have played a role before, but only if it's a sequel/prequel/requel, though you'll have to describe your new plot.

3. After the declared time period, the round will be declared closed and people may vote via PM to the moderator, who will declare a winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

4. This is open for two weeks, but I may extend for another week if people need more time.

Now I want you to bring me...

The Next Visual Masterpiece

After successes such as Sin City and 300, and with the upcoming The Spirit; I want you to make a visually stunning and unique picture. This could be a sequel, an adaption, or original story. It can be live action or animated, tv or movie, basically anything on video, but it must lend itself to a specifically unique style of film making.

Round Special Rules:

-You MUST describe the style. Whether it be high contrast black and white with spot color like Sin City, or extreme painting look of 300.
-If you choose to say do a sequel to Sin City, you still have to describe the style best you can, and you must talk about a plot
-You should also describe storytelling method, like inner monologue of separate stories from Sin City, or narrated in a campfire story like 300. (Optional)

The Round will End on July 28 (it can be extended a week if people need more time)

I will be doing a non-entry Based on Earth X, so if anyone wants to do that tell me so I can hold it off and not ruin your potential pitch.
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From the love child of Bjork and Chuck Norris comes ....


It's my life story. It's the story I was born to tell. It's the story I've lived to tell. It's the story I love to tell. It's the story I'd die to tell.

The film's theme song is "Wicked Garden" by Stone Temple Pilots.

ACT ONE - Birth
This act is in black in white. Pure b&w. My mom and dad are in this part. It's black and white because, well, you don't really remember much from your birth, now do you?

ACT TWO - Life
This act is .... sepia, I guess. The colors are darks and browns. It reflects Langsta's life.

This act is normal color, but there are scribbly red lines outside my body.

ACT FOUR - Death
This act is animated. It's very crappy squiggly cartoon. It's weird.

Langsta - Jonathan Ke Quan
Ke Quan has not starred in many movies lately. You may know him as Short Round or Data, but this Summer, you WILL know him as the Amazing Gangsta Langsta.

Mom - Björk Guðmundsdóttir
My mom isn't Icelandic. Nor is she a singer. But she does bear a slight resemblance to the Icelandic singer, and that is what has led me to cast her in this role. Bjork has been nominated for 13 Grammies, an Academy Award, and two Golden Globes.

Dad - Chuck Norris
I think Chuck Norris is a very diverse actor who is often overlooked by casting directors due to his acclaimed role on the groundbreaking television dramedy "Walker, Texas Ranger" - they think that lightning can't strike twice, that Norris could not, for lack of a better term, "replicate" or surpass the level of intensity and dedication that he put into that role. I think that beneath his beard and multiple hidden fists lies a sensitive guy that we've never seen before - until now. My dad reminds me of Chuck Norris. Both have beards.

Jesus Christ - Samuel L. Jackson
As many of you may recall, I was shooting for Naveen Andrews or Jason Schwartzman in the role. However, I think Samuel L. Jackson could bring to the role .... something that we've never seen before in a dramatic representation of the Christ.

Love - Scarlett Johansson
There's a contract that the actress has to sign when she gets this role. She must have sex with the Director at all times.

Death - Javier Bardem
Javier would sort of play this like Doug Jones' Angel of Death from "Hellboy II." Deep, Chigurh sounding voice, wings.

The Devil - Cate Blanchett
The Devil tries to tempt Langsta.
Call of duty : The Movie

Visual style – What makes this film unique is it will be all hd style live action with the effects and violence of films like "saving private ryan" However it all be first person view. The sound in movie will be designed for surround sound so that it can play of multiple areas. This so watching it will be extremely close to been the character.

Also "shellshock" will be done in the movie. For those who don't know "shellshock" is descried as ""shellshock" (not to be confused with the psychological condition of the same name), where when the player is close to an explosion, his vision is blurred, the player and time moves slower, and sound is muffled, similar to some scenes in the movie Saving Private Ryan.When you shoot in shellshock it is also slow motion"

Tag lines : Experience the event that changed the world, Through the eyes of a real hero.

The games are over, This is war.

Release date : 24th May 210 (Memorial Day In usa, This will capitalise on the day and generate more money for the film)

Plot : Pvt. Joey Martin of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division parachuting into France as a pathfinder of the 101st Airborne Division on D-Day for the Battle of Normandy, echoing the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. The series continues with a night assault on the town of Sainte-Mère-Église after reuniting with his squadmates, a defense of the town against a counter attack by German Panzer units, a car chase through German lines, the Brécourt Manor Assault, and two special missions to rescue captured British officers.

Cast :
Pvt. Joey Martin - Jake Gyllenhaal
: He will mostly just be a voice but in some scenes e.g Near water or a mirror you will see him. I didn't want the big strong good looking hero I wanted someone who looked average, sounded Average and that is Jake Gyllenhall. I was thinking he would play the part and we would experience him in the role as he was in Jarhead but first person.

Pvt. Andy Bell - Mark-Paul Gosselaar – I've added this character myself to be a guy who joins the same time as Joey, Similar age to Joey and will serve as the best friend. However he will be the opposite of Joey in that he'll be a good looking arrogant ***. Basically I write this part as Zack from saved by the bell in the army. He is needed to show friendship and later loss when he dies.

Sgt Richard callaway – J.K. Simmons – His role is to pretty much keep the guys in line. I picked J.K. Simmons as he has that angry "do what I say" vibe to him but has a look and vibe of an every day guy, I wanted this as it's world war II people got promoted quicker so he wouldn't be similar to most film sergeants.

Advertising campaign

Teaser poster


This is a simple take on the world war usa posters. This is is so people get the idea the film is recruiting them like they were in the war. While simple and funny this is also effective in selling the movie.

Main Poster


If you notice it's the main guy alone. Yes it's simpler to make :lol: but it is also to signal that in this war he feels alone even when he has friends. I also wanted his look and face to be subconsciously burnt into the viewers minds so when they watch the film they know in their mind what he looks like since they are experiencing it through his eyes.

Target audience

I see the target audience been war fans. Why? because if it is world war 2 and first person the fans of games will watch it so we need to try and hook the none game fans by not selling it as a game movie but a war movie.
Javier Bardem pube-age. Wow.

I might do this. (I say that every round...)
I have an idea that would be eligible for this but I don't want to cast it. Seeing as this is Dream MOVIE and not Dream CAST, would I still be eligible to win if I just post a plot summary and the different visual styles/techniques used?

Langsta's movie is nuts. How many of these games have you entered and used your life story as a film? This must be at least twice now.

And Mole... it's alright. I've actually had the thought of doing a first person film before, but it would be in the Gulf War. I thought it would be an interesting perspective and would set it out from the other Gulf War films. However, the cast is good.
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And Mole... it's alright. I've actually had the thought of doing a first person film before, but it would be in the Gulf War. I thought it would be an interesting perspective and would set it out from the other Gulf War films. However, the cast is good.

Thanks dude. Cast wise I wish I had made it bigger but since most would be regular solider I decided to stick to the main three. Glad someone liked that.
I have an idea that would be eligible for this but I don't want to cast it. Seeing as this is Dream MOVIE and not Dream CAST, would I still be eligible to win if I just post a plot summary and the different visual styles/techniques used?

when i started this round, i intended that you cast... so if you want to do a movie pitch, but dont want to cast it, send it to me, and ill cast it for you (i do a pretty good job i think)
Langsta I'm sorry, once I realized the story was about you I fell a sleep :D

And Mole that's a cool concept, I would have written it off as incredibly dumb if it wasn't for cloverfield. You have precedent for it

I have an idea that would be eligible for this but I don't want to cast it. Seeing as this is Dream MOVIE and not Dream CAST, would I still be eligible to win if I just post a plot summary and the different visual styles/techniques used?
Go for it, casting just helps for visualizing the movie.

when i started this round, i intended that you cast... so if you want to do a movie pitch, but dont want to cast it, send it to me, and ill cast it for you (i do a pretty good job i think)
I'm good with that

It has been five years since Ray Palmer has taken up the mantle of the Atom. An award winning physicist Palmer won fame and a Nobel Prize for his development of size reduction particles using a white dwarf star. Ray is living high on life and is a member of the universally famous Justice League of America. Taking the name of the 1940's adventurer, the Atom, who Ray idolized as a kid, Ray becomes the 'Tiny Titan' of the JLA, being the team's resident scientist. Though Ray is always in the shadows of his teammates (both literally and figuratively) he still enjoys a great friendship with the other 'misfit' members of the team, Carter Hall and Ralph Dibny. Ray's story is told from the perspective of a bug, riding on the shoulders of his teammates into battles where he assists in more of a support capacity than anything else. After a series of news reports saying Palmer's status on the League is unnecessary with all of the big guns the League has. This coupled with the scientific community blacklisting him and his wife Jean leaving him for his cavalier outlook on life. Ray becomes depressed and almost quits the League until he discovers one of his lab assistants David Clinton has taken Palmer's white star technique and modified it to allow temporal alteration as opposed to Ray's spatial alteration. Palmer attempts to stop Clinton from altering the past but the two get into a scuffle which leaves Ray knocked unconscious. Palmer awakens to find that Clinton has stolen the time technology and his designs are stolen so that Ray can't follow him. Palmer attempts to call the League but is approached by Rip Hunter, who tells him that David Clinton poses a great threat to the fate of all humanity past, present and future. Hunter gives Ray a time belt to go after Clinton and the two go on a trip ranging from the Wild West, to a point in the future where all but a few heroes remain and David Clinton, now calling himself Chronos, is the supreme ruler of the universe. Though Clinton thwarts any attempts that Ray has at stopping him, Ray uses his size altering abilities to shrink Chronos to his level and the two battle on the subatomic fields causing massive destruction in the new future. When Clinton is all but beat, he stages a last minute attempt at beating Ray by traveling to the beginning of time. In his attempts to recreate the universe in his own image, Palmer stages a last ditch effort and shatters Chronos from the inside out with his size reduction and stops his reign of terror across the universe. After this large explosion Ray sees his entire life flash before his eyes literally, and he sees instances of him discovering the white dwarf star, helping the League in the Crisis and an infinite number of realities flashing before his eyes. He is saved from eventual death from Ganthet, who tells him that no being is ever supposed to view the beginning of time, and the universe is indebted to him. Upon his return to the present Ray discovers that no one remembers what he has done and everything is the same. Ray goes back to Jean and rekindles their relationship and continues on in the League. When he tells Carter and Ralph about his story they ask if anything really changed and he says that he isn't sure. Meanwhile, Rip Hunter and Ganthet discuss the ramifications of the Atom's journey. Ganthet tells Hunter that due to the splintering of Chronos at the beginning of time his infinite molecules have given birth to the multiverse and that something dark and terrible has been born because of it. A new universe is shown as Qward, and a dark figure, the Anti-Moniter, rises from the rubble. The movie then flashes to credits.

For the style of this movie it would be kind of Silver Age fantasy mixed with Galactic realism, seen through the eyes of Ray Palmer in his journey through space and time. It will show what the perspective is for an insect around gods in his days as the Justice League, and how Ray becomes increasingly larger in scope, perspective and relevance as the film proceeds to his final climactic battle with Chronos at the beginning of the film. It will show Ray's view of the sub-atomic world, prehistoric earth and the dinosaurs, his time in the Wild West, fighting Nazis with the original Atom in the Justice Society and the dystopian future eerily similar to the Batman Beyond universe (scratch that, it is Batman Beyond.) The main theme of the film would be one's relevance in the bigger picture, and that the smallest of us can do things truly extraordinary.

Ray Palmer: Matthew Fox

The star of our film, Ray Palmer is a guy having the time of his life being a superhero until everyone seems to turn on him. He starts to feel kind of insignificant next to his seemingly perfect teammates in the Justice League but learns how important he really is by the end of the film. I think Fox would bring the intelligence and light-heartedness to the role that would equal Ray Palmer. Fox can also have that wide-eyed amazement in the face of his time faring adventures.

Jean Loring: Carla Gugino

Jean Loring needs to be tough as nails but really concerned over the safety of her husband's life. She needs to be good enough to be loved by Ray, but to self-important to realize how lucky she is to have him. I think Carla Gugino could fill that role excellently.

David Clinton: Hugh Laurie

I originally wanted Laurie in the role of Palmer, but changed my mind as I wanted someone younger for the role. I still wanted to use Laurie though, and felt that he would be the perfect candidate to play a neurotic and eager scientist who isn't evil, but wants to discover everything about the universe that he can. Laurie can play this character well.

Al Pratt, the Atom: Bruce Campbell

As the idol of childhood Ray, the original Atom seemed like an unstoppable force for good in the world. Once he goes back into the past and meets his hero, Ray discovers Al Pratt to be a five foot tall guy in a hockey mask whose atomic powers are the only reason he's on the Society because frankly he's kind of a prick. I'd love to see Bruce Campbell play the diminutive superhero who no one on the Society gives a damn about. Of course Ray teaches Pratt what it's like to be a real hero, which leads him to becoming the hero he always idolized as a kid.

Ralph Dibny: Kevin Bacon

For the record, Elongated Man and Hawkman would be the only members of the League who are explicitly shown. Sure the others will be seen in news stories as flying across the screen towards danger. I picked Bacon to play the Elongated Man because he has that likeability and wit that Ralph needs. He's kind of neglected by the public and finds it absurd that the League calls upon Plastic Man just as much as him.

Carter Hall: John C. McGinley

Carter is really the Atom's best friend and takes it hard when Ray quits the League. He's a nice guy but really is a giant badass in fights alongside the League. Ray is the only person Carter really respects, which is why the two get along so well. I'd want McGinley to play the character with the intensity of Dr. Cox, but with more outward emotion. I also like to point out that McGinley voiced the Atom in JLU so it works here.

Jonah Hex: Tommy Lee Jones

When Ray travels back to the West, he's going to run into Jonah Hex. I'd like Hex to be this gun slinger who doesn't seem fazed by the fact that he's in the middle in a time controversy. Tommy Lee Jones would be awesome as this.

Bruce Wayne: Clint Eastwood

When Batman's the only remaining hero left in the world for Ray to turn to, he's got to be even scarier than his regular incarnation. Clint Eastwood as older Batman is every fanboy's dream. Why wouldn't he work amazingly in this capacity?

Rip Hunter: Bruce Willis

I like the fact that Rip Hunter is this grizzled time cop who likes to get his hands dirty. But he wants to show Ray what he's really capable of and gives him the reigns. Bruce Willis would also be great as this type of character.

Ganthet: James Garner

The fact that an immortal being watching over the cosmos is probably the most likeable guy in the universe is just awesome. And who's more likeable than James Garner? No one, that's who.
I haven't read the outline yet. But Fox as Atom is great.

And I always thought that Tommy Lee Jones was born for Jonah Hex.

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