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Aug 3, 2005

1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the property or story in question to be adapted. Winner may also declare whether this property is an animated film, or a live-action one. He must also name the core characters to be cast, which should be at least 4, but no more than 9.

2) You may not use actors who have played the role before in the same medium before. Voice talents may not reprise their role, nor can film ones.

3) After two weeks, the round is declared closed. People will vote via pm to the moderator, then they will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

4) The winner declared gets to choose the property in the next round.


So here it is, the world's first and most enduring superhero team ever...

The Justice Society of America!

In choosing the Society I decided to use mostly members from the current Geoff Johns team. The film would deal with the reincarnation of the new team with three of the original members. This is a movie about legacies and as such every hero was an original member or connected to the original Society in some way.
Your casting choices for the main round are...

The Flash (Jay Garrick): The original fastest man alive, Jay Garrick runs past the speed of sound to help prepare a new generation of superheroes for tomorrow in the use of their powers.


Green Lantern (Alan Scott): One of the first mystery men, Alan Scott uses the mystical energy of the Starheart to act as one of the elder statesmen of the Justice Society.


Wildcat (Ted Grant): The former heavyweight champ, Ted Grant donned his dark costume to fight evil in his home city. Kept young through unknown means, Grant has taught heroes such as Batman, Black Canary and Catwoman in the “sweet science” of boxing.


Hourman (Rick Tyler): The son of the original Hourman Rex Tyler, Rick gained the ability to use super strength and speed while on the drug Miraclo. Unbeknownst to his teammates, Rick is struggling with the addiction to the wonder drug.


Mr. Terrific (Michael Holt): The third smartest man in the world and a believer in fair play, Michael Holt uses his Olympic level athleticism and knowledge gaining “T-Spheres” to carry on the legacy of the original Mr. Terrific, Terry Sloan.


Power Girl (Kara Zor-L): Arriving in a rocket ship and displaying powers similar to another person of steel, Kara fights to learn about her past and to save her new adopted planet Earth as the JSA’s resident powerhouse.


Sandman (Sanderson Hawkins): Originally called Sandy the Golden Boy, Sanderson Hawkins gained the ability of prophetic dreams from his mentor Wesley Dodds. Genetically altered in a freak accident in his youth, Sanderson gained the ability to become a silicon based creature, and is now the funder of the JSA.


Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore): Young, brash, and reckless, Courtney Whitmore is however a valued member of the Justice Society of America. Given the cosmic converter belt by her step-father STRIPES and the cosmic rod by the original Starman, Ted Knight, Courtney tries to proof to her teammates that she isn’t a stupid kid.


Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson): The mysterious member of the original Justice Society of America, Dr. Fate is empowered by the helmet and cloak of Nabu. Though he is a mystery to his teammates, Kent Nelson acts as the world’s most powerful sorcerer.


Optional Picks: These four picks will orignially be intended as just for fun. In the event of a tie, people will vote on these picks.

Vandal Savage
Jakeem Thunder

Start now!
Re: Dream Casting #11: Justice Society Of America

I have no idea on this one BUT i'm intrested in seeing who everyone picks
Re: Dream Casting #11: Justice Society Of America

Mole = No DC.

I'm not sure what I'd do with this... I keep getting Dick Van Dyke stuck in my head...

I actually had him casted as one of my people. But I'm not saying who until this is over.
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You've never read JSA? It could possibly be DC's best book.

No , I liked Justice League comics but never read this one , sorry. But may check it out if its that good.
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k i know im behind with the JSA, but what happened to dr. midnight?
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Okay - I've read a little of JSA. Often a JLA-JSA crossover. I did get JSA All-Stars and so I have a little bit of my brain with them hanging around in it. But not much. That said, the JLU cartoon is where I got my love for Mr Terrific from.

So, my thinking of this film is that the main team breaks down into two tiers - the current JSA (Hourman, Mr Terrific, Power Girl, Stargirl, and Sandman) who are a popular superhero team. They're beloved for their heroic deeds as they are for their tabloid appeal (Power Girl and Stargirl's looks, the messed up personal lives of Hourman, Mr Terrific, and Sandman). So, the film starts with the main trio of this film (Green Lantern, Flash, and Wildcat) getting ready to be part of a big televised tribute to the JSA, and of course, they are the three of the remaining original founders.

The evening goes to hell.

Dr Fate, who is crazy at the sanest of times, arrives and is extremely embrassing. There is very little respect given to these true heroes, their own internal struggles rise to the for, and the retrospective tribute instead becomes a rather horrific portrayal of how heroes fell from grace due to all to human frailties.

The opening of the film would deal with this usurping of their name and glory days, and the film main storyline would kick in with the arrival of Vandal Savage, a hugely charismatic man who has the world eating out of his hand. Only the original JSA members believe him to be the bad guy he is. Every time they stand up against Savage (whom they claim they fought during the war - preposterous since he's not got even one white hair) makes them seem more frail, more crazy, and more outdated than ever before. The contemporary JSA on the other hand, are currently working with Savage to stop some kind of evil army of some description (which Savage of course, controls). The climax of this film would be the aged original JSAers versus their immortal, handsome enemy, the whole world's public opinion, and the contemporary JSA. Can they win the world back as they did in the 40s? By just being heroes?


Okay - so it's not that great a pitch, but it could be a fun starting point. So here's the cast;

THE FLASH — Morgan Freeman
When I thought of making the original members old guys, I wanted to go with the current flow in Hollywood of aging actors playing past glories (it's too perfect with the theme of the film), so the main trio are old. Morgan Freeman is 70. It's not too big a deal since most action involving the character is just super speed. In other words, have Morgan act at his normal pace, film at 60fps, and boom - super speed. As for why making him black... there's a fairy tale of a boy called Little Black Sambo who was a little Indian boy who would run around the tigers chasing him and turn them into butter. I think tying the Flash into such an odd fairy tale is a nice opportunity.

GREEN LANTERN — Robert Redford
He's 70 too. You'll see with the casting for Wildcat, just how different and unique each of these three main characters are, allowing for a very dynamic figurehead for the film. And I cast Robert Redford because he's ****ing Robert Redford. I don't need to explain this.

WILDCAT — Sylvester Stallone
ROCKY BALBOA is essentially Wildcat's backstory. Provided you give Sylvester Stallone something to act with - a real character (like Rocky himself), he will be brilliant. The fact he's 'only' 61 is because Wildcat has the 9 lives thing and as such, should be physically younger than his other two teammates. Also, Sly has proven he can do real physical grunt work even in his 60s which is good because unlike Fate, Flash, and Lantern, Wildcat's the only aged superhero who actually needs to do physical stunts, instead of waving their hands in front of a green screen.

HOURMAN — Joaquin Phoenix
For the 'contemporary' teams, I picked people who were famous in part due to a tie with other famous people (to heighten the fact that these heroes are often the children of other heroes). Since, to a small extent, Joaquin is known because of his brother, River, it adds to this a little. While I think the direction of Hourman as an addict is rather childish, I prefer the idea of him being more like a Jackass - an extreme sports type person, an adrenaline junkie, not an addict. I like the idea of Hourman being particularly zany and off-kilter during his Miralco and very mundane when not on the powers. Joaquin can play the Emperor in GLADIATOR and a farmhand in SIGNS. He'd do a great job.

MISTER TERRIFIC — Richard Brooks
The oldest of this team, he's the brains and moral center. Richard Brooks has this amazing quality to dominate without raising his voice, making him perfect for the team. He's a great contrast to the other four, who are rather loud and jubilant. It also allows Brooks to very subtely, play the pain that Michael Holt has. And he's great at being stealthy - anyone see him in FIREFLY? Granted, the picture has him with a bouffant afro, but just look at his face. Imagine a T on it. Ta-da!

POWER GIRL — Katee Sackhoff
I've had this pegged for ages. She's too perfect to play the sassy, sexy, Power Girl, who doesn't take **** from anyone. Every girl wants to look like her, every man wants to **** her, but no one really likes her. She's too bombastic for anyone to know, so she's quite brash and rude. Lots of people criticise her for not being more of a superhero and too much of a 'celebrity', but she doesn't care because she has millions in the bank, and millions more fans. For her, life's a party. She's a big girl playing in the boy's treehouse and no one can kick her out. Damn, if Katee Sackhoff can't do that...

SANDMAN — Keifer Sutherland
Trying to keep with the actors who are famous for another reason than the part they played (Joaquin's brother River, Katee was on a reinvention of a famous tv show, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, Richard Brooks is part of the phenomenon that is LAW & ORDER), here we have Keifer Sutherland. Son of the famous Donald Sutherland, who would play Sandman's dad (the original Sandman) in flashbacks. Sandman is the only one of this group who really gets emotionally involved with the original three. The rest of the team know who those three were, but Sandman lived with them at points at his life and as any family member in the history of ever, that means he hates them one moment, and loves them the next. With Keifer's current fame with 24, I like the idea of him playing a superhero equivalent of Jack Bauer - lots and lots of derring-do this guy does. He gets what being a hero is about, but he doesn't see it as a responsibility, but a privilege on a good day, and his goddam right on a bad day.

STARGIRL — an unknown
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but I think Stargirl should be a complete newcomer. The reason is this - the character is all about trying to make her own identity. No one knows who she is. Casting a complete unknown in part of this cast, helps sell that, and helps the actor sell the moment when Stargirl comes into her own (for however short a time it would be). The fun of Stargirl is that she's 15 or so, and as such, copies Power Girl way too much (which concerns her parents and others), has too much fun with Hourman; basically, this is PARTY OF FIVE for her. She's loving it - no responsibility. This character is pivotal since the older JSA guys look at her and see the generation of heroes once they're dead. She, indirectly and unknowingly, teaches the oldest JSA guys how to be heroes again, which allows that theme to come full circle since those guys are teaching Sandman and the rest how to be heroes, and they're teaching Stargirl. So - unknown for this role. (The same for Jakeem Thunder - who instead of fighting for an identity amongst heroes, is looking to be a rookie that upstarts them. Again, this needs an unknown I think.)

DOCTOR FATE — Christopher Lloyd
He's 68 now. He'd be one of the original founders like Green Lantern, Wildcat, and Flash, but less mainstream as his magic has been recently thought of as nonsense by 21st century scientific thinking. He's rather insane by modern standards, but because he's old and respected, some say he's eccentric. He's often very embarrassing and goes on nonsensical tangents. He's Doc Brown. The reason for this is that at the end of the film, he'll have gained some mastery back over himself and calmed down, but he's always the crazy uncle who gave you a giant tub of ice cream just when your parents told you you couldn't have a chocolate bar. Always doing the worst possible thing, thinking he's being the nicest guy in the world, I'm doing this to Fate because the omnipotent old man of the mountain is better used as a facade this character likes to put on when appropriate, because if he was this all-powerful master of reality, we couldn't have the concept of "old=useless" which is what this film has to say exists in order to disprove it with the wonderful heroic antics they're going to perform.

HAWKMAN — Bruce Campbell
My thinking is Hawkman has just retired or is retiring. He'd get a cameo at the tribute as part of the previous JSA incarnation, but wouldn't do much. I think though, Bruce Campbell would make this confusing and somewhat dull character highly entertaining as he regales you with crazy stories about Ancient Egyptian artifacts that tried to steal his soul by imprisoning it in a alien policeman. And he'd look good in the hawk-helmet.

SPECTRE — Leonard Nimoy
Almost certainly CGI rotoscope for the most part, I went with a recognizable voice of an aged actor (Nimoy is 76) who wasn't an obvious voice with a lot of bass, such as Christopher Lee or James Earl Jones. I went with Nimoy precisely because I'm tired of the grim spectre of death always speaking through a boom box. I like the idea of a very erudite, clear, soft voice that's very distinct and commanding. His voice is quite melodious, as opposed to intimidating, which I think will heighten the character a great deal. Also, Spectre isn't as fuddy-duddy and pissed off all the time. I think he's a lot more quiet, and enjoys punishing the guilty a lot more than in the comic, making him rather sadistic and ghoulish. Which is more interesting than a man who shouts a lot about how angry he is about everything. I prefer the guy who scares people ****less with a tiny grim and a soft voice.

(I'm only allowed 10 images per post so next post is Vandal Savage)
Re: Dream Casting #11: Justice Society Of America

For this film Vandal Savage looks young, sexy, is beloved by everyone - he's what the old JSA would like to say they are. Brad Pitt is so good, and so damned handsome, he'd sell this character brilliantly. The key to Savage in this film is that he's a villain, but no one wants him to be, they love him so much. And when we discover he's bad, people still want to believe he's a good man at heart (Brad Pitt dumps his wife, has a kid with another woman, and no one blames him). He's got to be bewitching. And damn, can Brad Pitt turn straight men's heads. And he'll be haunting when, at the end of the film, the JSA are fighting Vandal both now and in the past, and in the past, we use CGI (like X3) to allow Morgan Freeman, Sly Stallone, and Robert Redford to act as their younger selves - with Brad Pitt the exact same age and now looking older than them. That'll be grand. Plus, if you don't think Brad Pitt lording it over Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman, and Sylvester Stallone in a action film climax is ****ing movie history, then I hate you forever.

And I'm done forever.
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Don't know about Redford as GL, but all the rest sound great, especially Wildcat. It just makes sense. maybe Paul Newman as GL?
Re: Dream Casting #11: Justice Society Of America

I really wish I hadn't read Bass' picks before I had done mine.
Re: Dream Casting #11: Justice Society Of America

Oh. My. God. Your older JSA is perfect. Your younger ones are great as well but I love all of your choices. Morgan Freeman as Flash is sheer utter genius.
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The Justice Society of America


1958: The Good Soldier, the Scientist, the Detective, the Industrialist, the Magician, and the Woking Class Hero join forces, using their abilities to stop Cthulu-esque extra-dimensional evil summoned by Immortal Villain, temporarily sealing both in a pocket universe. As a result, they are forced to unmask before a fearful public, due to McCarthy-era paranoia.

2008: Aging heroes run Hogwarts-style academy to train future government-registered superheores (including the proteges and successors of many of their old collegues). Immortal Villain somehow reenters our world; seeks revenge; punks out entire field team of younger heroes. The surviving Old Guys show the kids how its done, Silver Age style.

Straightforward, no-frills superhero action. Light on complex plotting; big on heartfelt world-saving and retro macho bombast.



Alan Arkin as The Flash.


Anthony Hopkins as Green Lantern.


Harvey Keitel as Wildcat. Working-class tough guy with nine lives, portrayed by veteran of street-level Scorsese films.


Christopher Walken as The Sandman. Former teen sidekick turned eccentric billionaire with a passion for sleuthing.


James Cromwell as Dr. Fate. Timothy Leary-esque oddball. Adept at chaos magicks.



Don Cheadle as Mr. Terrific, 21st century version of the sagely negro. Thinks in quantum mechanics, speaks in ebonics.


Maria Bello (Coyote Ugly, Thank You For Smoking) as Power Girl.


Jake Busey (The Frighteners, Contact) as Hourman.


Olivia Wilde (Alpha Dog) as Stargirl. Relative unknown to play the untested Stargirl. Wilde played lesbian hellraiser Alex in season 2 of The O.C.
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Re: Dream Casting #11: Justice Society Of America



Rip Torn as Vandal Savage, immortal gentleman-rogue.


Gabriel Byrne (Stigmata) as Mordru, would-be trans-dimesnional conqueror.
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compound wins.

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